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Womb & Hara Awakening Intensive

40 Day Journey - Opening into Sacred Union

 20 March, 2014, Equinox. For Women, Men and Couples

A 40-day sacred journey to reclaim the Wild Feminine Power of the Womb Goddess and to Re-Activate the True Sacred Heart of the Womb Warrior – bringing them together into Sacred Union, healing the separation between the Masculine and the Feminine.

What is Womb and Hara Awakening?It is the reconnection with our essential, primal life force, the spark of life that flows through all things. It is the awakening of the creative energy held in a woman’s Womb and the man’s Hara – seat of his potent masculine essence. It brings us alive, opens us to love, and helps us realize our destiny, and have the courage and passion to birth it into reality.

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Magdalen and JeshuaYeshua & Magdalene: Spirit Keepers of the Womb

Long Distance Energy Transmission & Shamanic Ceremony, Easter Sunday, April 20th, received in your own home
Exchange: Free or Donation

To celebrate the Easter Womb Mysteries of renewal, rebirth and resurrection, and to honor the life-giving gifts of the Womb, which was known as the Holy Grail by the Ancients, Fountain of Life will be offering a powerful healing transmission and audio-shamanic-ceremony on Easter Sunday at 8.30pm.

We will be transmitting from the sacred site of the Holy Isle of Iona, in Scotland, supported by a Womb Circle of 22 Womb Spirit Keepers – who have been called to service and gathered by the Grail lineage of Yeshua and Magdalene .

Legend says that Iona was home to a Womb Mystery School, and later a Druid University, and was a sacred site of initiation for those practicing Gnostic Shamanism. Lore also whispers that Yeshua and Magdalene also made a pilgrimage to Iona, and that Magdalene gave birth to one of their children in a sacred cave. The nearby isle of Mull houses a famous stained glass window at Kilmore Church, Dervaig, that depicts Yeshua and a pregnant Magdalene together, radiant in Sacred Union.             Click for Info and to Register

Womb-of-New-Earth_600squareWomb of New Earth: Awakening the Feminine Holy Grail

May 30 – June 1, 2014, near Asheville, NC.

For Women, Men, and Couples

Welcome to a profound healing, opening and awakening 3-day journey – to discover, uncover and activate your creative Womb and Hara Power. You will journey through both flows of Shakti and life-force energy, wild power and innocent love, and drop deep into the Womb of Creation to receive the frequency of Pure Love and Cosmic Power, to rebirth yourself and the world. For women, men and couples.         Click for Info and to Register


Womb of Life Total RebirthWomb of Life: Total Rebirth  30-Day Online Course, June 12, 2014

A Shamanic Journey Through the Womb of Life that Conceived, Gestated and Birthed You to Re-Activate Your Original Genetic Blueprint

Now we reclaim our legacy of love by healing our ancestral trauma. Due to thousands of years of attack against the Feminine Wisdom, we have been (epi)genetically modified to disconnect from our original blueprint lived in Love by our Ancient Mothers & Fathers.

These genetic memories of both Love and pain live on inside us – waiting for us to choose the path we wish to live by and how we wish the world to be. When we have the courage to choose our genetic inheritance of Love, and dissolve all that is not love, we become Mothers and Father of New Earth.

Revisiting the cauldron of our mother’s Womb, where our receptive capacity was formed, is a huge key to this genetic awakening and healing. During this transformative, feminine process you will experience the following Ceremonies and practices that are designed to take you deep into the subconscious, DNA and cerebellum, where the memories and traumas of your conception and birth still live on, unconsciously shaping your life.  Click for Info and to Register

Soul Medicine Journey

Healing from the Core, Azra Bertrand, MD

‘Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakens.’ Carl Jung

True healing happens when we journey deep into the unconscious - the lost Feminine Soul – to retrieve fragmented parts of ourselves stuck in negative emotional loops. This process unlocks our soul gifts, clears our epigenetic memories and heals neural pathways of pain; it is Soul Medicine, the Biology of Soul – awakening your deepest passions, heartfelt desires and intimate longings, and manifesting your true gifts and life purpose. On these journeys your actual biology changes on the cellular and epigenetic DNA level, which is now supported by hundreds of scientific studies. What is your Soul whispering to you today? What healing message is waiting for you?   Read More

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   The Wombtime Origins of Shamanism and New Science of Rebirth