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Spiritkeepers, Storyweavers and Re-enchanters of the Feminine Mysteries

Azra-and-Seren-BertrandAzra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand are award-winning authors and soul enchanters, dedicated to the rebirth of the feminine mysteries and to remembering the earth-honoring, womb-centric, wisdom traditions of shamanic and sacred feminine lineages from across the world. Through storytelling, spiritkeeping, music and visionary journeying, they create space for the emergence of our original inner ecology of love.  Read more…   


The Womb Awakening Book

The visionary and multi-award winning book Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life (Inner Traditions, 2017) has won five awards since its release, including a prestigious 2017 Nautilus Award in the category of Women, a 2018 International Book Award in the category of Spirituality, a 2018 Reader’s Favorite Award in the category of Religion and Philosophy, and a 2018 Living Now Award in Sexuality/Femininity. 

Praise for the Book 

It has been praised by NY Times best-selling authors and scholars as “masterwork of beauty, power and mystical truth”, “brilliant and heartfelt”, “a Mystery School in a book“, and “a deeply researched and utterly extraordinary gift that will be shared for generations to come.”



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