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Welcome to The Fountain of Life

The return of Womb Consciousness is the greatest revolution happening on the planet at this time. From the deep it whispers to us, calling us home…

Are you ready to take a Pilgrimage into the Womb? 

The Fountain of Life is a vision for humanity to embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. This union awakens our primordial innocence, and empowers people to live in a fully embodied way on earth. We are being called to remember our ancient Womb Cosmology – the Womb of God, who births all in Love.

The awesome power of the Cosmic Womb is held in in the Mystical Rose in the center of your own Womb – a holographic blueprint of the Womb of Creation that connects each of us to the Web of Life. Men also have an ‘energetic’ Womb space, called the Hara.

By taking a shamanic journey of Womb Awakening into embodied feminine consciousness, we open the sacred doorway to reclaim our primordial creative power.

When we awaken our original Womb Consciousness, the inner ‘Zero-Point’, it completely transforms us – and our experience of life on earth. It activates our full human multi-dimensional perceptual range, it brings our lost feminine DNA codes back online, and heals our epigenetic ancestral trauma. It is the key to birthing a holistic humanity.

Our awakening into Womb Consciousness is the mystery at the heart of all spiritual traditions. This embryo of innocence  lives deep within the roots of our being.  The wild flow of our life force, our Shakti, in service to love, holds infinite magical potential for our race. It rebirths us into a state of consciousness that is part of the web of life.

Will you join us on this Grail Quest? 

Azra-and-Seren-BertrandDr Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand are evolutionary enchanters, dedicated to help women awaken their Womb Power and to assist the rebirth of the masculine into his true gifts, uniting them in Sacred Union. As midwives of the Return of Womb Consciousness, they draw rich veins of wisdom from many traditions, and have assisted over 20,000 people to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Read more…   
Womb Power Womb Awakening

Courses & Healings

During time on a research project at the National Institute For Health, Dr Azra Bertrand realized the urgency of restoring our feminine roots. Our womb ecology becomes our world ecology. Womb healing will help us birth a generation of Avatars of New Earth, and awakens our Inner Womb Shaman who holds our magical super-sensory keys. Are you called to a deep feminine rebirth and awakening?

  • Online Events and Courses

    Are you ready to awaken your Shakti power and open your heart? Join our 40-day and 30-day online courses for Womb/Hara Awakening, Rebirth, Menstrual Mysteries and Sacred Union. The journey unfolds in your own sacred home space, supported by a worldwide Womb Circle.
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  • Calendar of Events & Retreats

    Gift yourself the joyful, ecstatic and awakening experience of attending an in-person retreat or an online course with Fountain of Life and the Womb Awakening Teachers worldwide. Visit our calendar of events for 2014/2015 to connect in with this international healing movement.
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  • Energy Healing Transmissions

    Open new dimensional gateways of healing with long-distance Energy Transmissions and powerful Shamanic Audio Ceremonies that take place in your own home.  Womb of Creation Energy Transmissions activate and energize the Womb/Hara and open you into new frequencies of love.
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  • Healing Sessions With Dr. Bertrand

    Powerful one-on-one Soul Journeys, Past-Life/Epigenetic healings and Alchemical Health Consultations offered by internationally-recognized healer and teacher Dr. Azra Bertrand, MD. For those ready to Come Alive and take a deep journey of Awakening into wholeness, vitality and Love.
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  • Womb Healing Skype Sessions

    Creating a powerful Magical Doorway of healing, these sessions are a sacred space to activate and deepen into the wisdom and intuition that lives within your Womb – bringing incredible gifts to your health, relationships, family, sexuality, finances, vocation and soul purpose. 
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