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The return of Womb Consciousness is the greatest revolution happening on the planet at this time. From the deep it whispers to us, calling us home…

Are you ready for the sacred journey of Womb Awakening? 

Womb Awakening is the lost teaching of the ancient Womb Mysteries, the sacred feminine spiritual tradition once embraced by every culture across the world, dating back to the dawn of time. Followed by initiates of many lineages of Womb Shamans and Womb Priestesses, this primordial wisdom stream includes Mary Magdalene’s pathways of the Divine Womb, an oracular, gnostic left-hand path of Christ that was passed down to the Cathar Priestesses of the Holy Spirit, and was said to be encoded in a lost gospel of the sacred feminine mysteries. 

The shamanic womb mysteries were also practiced by the Yoginis and Devadasis of India, the pre-patriarchal Khandros and Dakinis of Tibet, the Egyptian Priestesses of Isis, the Celtic Swan priestesses of Avalon and by many indigenous cultures across the world.

These teachings are re-emerging at this crucial time to give us a new vision for humanity, so we can live in harmony with the earth, and embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine, and connect back to the Womb of Creation, who births all in Love.

The awesome power of the Cosmic Womb and Earth Womb is held in in the Mystical Rose in the center of your own Womb. By taking a shamanic journey of Womb Awakening, we embody our oracular feminine consciousness, and open the magic doorway to reclaim our primordial creative power. Men also have an ‘energetic Womb’ called the Hara.

The Womb Awakening Book

Birthed from the sacred union of Azra Bertrand, M.D. and Seren Bertrand, the groundbreaking Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life won the prestigious Nautilus Silver 2017 Award in the category of Women, and has been praised by NY Times best-selling authors and feminine scholars as a “masterwork of beauty, power and mystical truth”, “a Mystery School in a book”, “a wondrous, astonishing, deeply researched and utterly extraordinary gift to women and men who are searching for the true meaning of the Holy Grail … that will be shared for generations to come.”

Womb Awakening has been called a new Bible of the lost feminine wisdom lineages, the ancient rites and techniques of feminine ecstasy, and the new physical and medical science that grounds and supports it – remembered and made available for women and men in this era of feminine awakening.


Will you join us on this Grail Quest? 

Azra-and-Seren-BertrandAzra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand are award-winning authors and soul enchanters, dedicated to the rebirth of the feminine mysteries and to remembering the earth-honoring, womb-centric, wisdom traditions of shamanic and sacred feminine lineages from across the world. They facilitate international retreats and online Apprenticeships on Womb Awakening and the embodied Feminine Healing Arts, open to all genders, and have assisted over 20,000 people to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Read more…   
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