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Miami Circle: Womb of the World Gateway

In the heart of Miami – known as “Big Water” – lives an ancient time portal into the land of the Ancestors….  On the Virgo full moon, we stepped through a magical portal back in time to the land of the Mayaimi aboriginal peoples of southeastern Florida – this dimensional “entry way” to the Womb […]

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Fragility & Vulnerability

Healing and reclaiming our open, receptive power…. Vulnerability is soft resilience – it is a healthy ‘psychic tissue’, supple and responsive, soft and fluid, and its power comes from its openness and trust. All human beings, by their original nature are vulnerable. We are sensitive, biological, soulful creatures who can be wounded. We can cry, […]

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Three Wise Midwives & the Christmas Witch

The women’s medicine rites may have been forgotten, yet the sacred Christmastime of Epiphany was once the heartland of the feminine mysteries, featuring a shamanic witch-priestess called “le Strega Noel” (the Christmas Witch), and celebrating the birth-death-rebirth rites that were practiced by the visionary midwifes of consciousness – where the ‘nativity’ of the new birth […]

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Alchemical Marriage of Power and Love

The traditions of Alchemy and modern depth-psychology share the same ancient origin and principles of integrating our psyche back into union – describing a way for us to rebirth our consciousness, and bloom out from the root of the  womb world into true spiritual adulthood…. Alchemy is the magical art of fusion within the psyche and within our […]

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Brigantia, High Goddess

Mam Tor – Forgotten Land of the Grail Goddess

Castleton village, underneath Mam Tor, and the surrounding villages of the Peak District in the North of England, has one of the last living Goddess worship traditions in the world. Dating back to at least 3,000 years, continuous Celtic rites of the Goddess are practiced, including Well Dressings and rites of sacred Kingship and Queenship….  […]

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