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Wounded Angel by Hugo Simberg, 1903

The Sexual Shadow of the World

The truth is, there is a hidden epidemic of sexual abuse in our culture – that is eating away at our communities, destroying the heart of humanity, and ravaging our planet. We can no longer afford to look the other way or turn a ‘blind eye’. The recent sexual abuse scandals involving Harvey Weinstein, Bill […]

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Voice of Truth – Spiritual and Sexual Abuse

As news breaks out that a Hollywood movie producer is a ‘known’ serial sex predator, I have been percolating on this terrible, yet too-familiar, story. Many women, including Oscar winning actresses, are coming forward to share stories of everything from inappropriate behavior, humiliation and abuse of power, to sexual harassment, abuse, and rape – over […]

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Art by Kim Krans, from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Tarot

Solar Eclipse – The Lion & the Mermaids

“A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.” ~Sabian Astrological Symbol for this Leo solar eclipse. We are about to experience a Solar Eclipse that is a portal to a paradigm shift. On the waves of lunar consciousness, come the rise of the Mermaids, the feminine water bearers of wisdom, […]

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Sacred Union and “Soulmates”

  Sacred Union and “Soulmates” – I often find that it is controversial to talk about ‘soulmates’ within the spiritual world, as it is often viewed as ‘wrong and unspiritual’ to seek anything outside of yourself, or to feel incomplete in any way.   Yet one of the deepest journeys I have been on is […]

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Miami Circle: Womb of the World Gateway

In the heart of Miami – known as “Big Water” – lives an ancient time portal into the land of the Ancestors….  On the Virgo full moon, we stepped through a magical portal back in time to the land of the Mayaimi aboriginal peoples of southeastern Florida – this dimensional “entry way” to the Womb […]

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Fragility & Vulnerability

Healing and reclaiming our open, receptive power…. Vulnerability is soft resilience – it is a healthy ‘psychic tissue’, supple and responsive, soft and fluid, and its power comes from its openness and trust. All human beings, by their original nature are vulnerable. We are sensitive, biological, soulful creatures who can be wounded. We can cry, […]

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Three Wise Midwives & the Christmas Witch

The women’s medicine rites may have been forgotten, yet the sacred Christmastime of Epiphany was once the heartland of the feminine mysteries, featuring a shamanic witch-priestess called “le Strega Noel” (the Christmas Witch), and celebrating the birth-death-rebirth rites that were practiced by the visionary midwifes of consciousness – where the ‘nativity’ of the new birth […]

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Enchanted Offerings