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Sacred Union Circles

Sacred Union Circles

Experience the Power of the Magdalene Path… These Circles are an opportunity to be palpably touched and transformed by the frequency of Love…

$22/ Evenings, Asheville – held monthly

In these circles, you will experience:

~ Powerful practices from the feminine mystery schools

~ Merging the inner Masculine and Feminine twin

~ Emotional guidance for relationship and opening to love

~ The support of a loving soul family sharing from the heart

~ Sacred Union transmission from the Grail Shamanism

~ Sound healing with the magical frequency of the harp and lyre

About your Hosts:

Facilitated by Dr Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand, evolutionary catalysts and guides, dedicated to helping women and men unite in Sacred Union. Through their international Grail Mystery School, the Fountain of Life, their Womb Awakening teachings have spanned the globe to over 15 countries, profoundly touching many thousands of people, and inspiring a worldwide remembrance of Womb Consciousness and the sacred wisdom of Grail Shamanism.

Co-facilitated by Fountain of Life Advanced Apprentices Elizabeth Isis Ziogis and JahSun Martini, who hold deep initiations in bringing the path of Sacred Union into harmony with the journey of parenthood (

Sacred Union Circles will be held monthly, providing a safe space for healing.


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