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Heart of the Womb Activation

Opening your flow of love, tenderness and pure pleasure


This energy transmission awakens the beautifully feminine, gentle, embracing river of Love flowing through the Womb. It is the essence of a woman that is like soft petals flowering in tenderness at her centre, completely still and present. It is a ‘giving’ energy that bathes a woman with a soft glow, making her radiant and enchanting. It is the innocence always open to Love, even in the darkest hour. Awakening this energy begins to ‘call in’ your soulmate, taking you deeply into surrender and the potential for deep, loving sacred relationships.

Good for: Opening into this energy heals anger, betrayal and resistance towards the masculine, and calls in the Soulmate. It helps with forgiveness towards yourself and others. It opens you to your original sexual innocence, where pleasure is felt as purity. When the heart of the Womb opens life is experienced as ‘fairyland’ and it brings up old grief and sadness to release, opening into deeper levels of Love. Helps identify and transmute mind programmes of fear and lack of trust in life. It is good for those with self-judgement and perfection issues – it allows embrace and acceptance of your innate perfection and goodness. It magnetises Love – in all forms, lovers, friendship, love of life itself.

Exchange: $65*

*For those with financial hardship we offer an honesty policy in which you pay what you can afford for online transmissions on a sliding scale between $45-$65*

Artist Credits (in order of appearance):  Izui Omori


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