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Wild Womb Activation

Welcome to the awakening of your primal, fearless, magnetic sexuality!

Divine Feminine HorasisThis potent energy transmission opens the primal, deep, passionate ‘she-wolf’ at the core of your Womb, connected to the Womb of the World, Web of Life and the Universal Womb which birthed all matter – this is the powerful essence of a woman that opens to the deepest wisdom, freedom and power of Love.

It’s completely sexual, magnetic and wild – without boundaries, able to overcome any obstacle. It will radically transform you, breaking you through all your fears and allowing your Life-Force to flow with a Roar and a deeply sensual shimmy.

Good for: Issues of self-love, developing personal power and boundaries. Overcoming sexual shame held at a cellular level. Patterns of self-sabotage or past patterns of victimhood. Feelings of hopelessness or despair. Opening to deep pleasure, sexually and sensually, making love with life itself. Feeling juicy and open in relationship to the masculine, and overcoming patterns of control or feeling contracted and unfeminine. Good for abundance and manifesting your soul mission. Gives you the power to follow your heart in every moment.


Praise for the Wild Womb Activation…

I just wanted to thank you for the energy transmission, it was beautiful and vast and powerful at the time and I could feel the immense support and power of the divine feminine, divine mother and feminine spiritual and genetic ancestry. Since then I have felt a real sense of freedom, i feel wild, open, clearer and more confident and can feel the vastness and power of the feminine within me. I feel I have stepped into my birthright , my heritage, I feel my creativity and nurturing, loving essence as a part of the divine mother I stand proud and confident in my feminine, wild and free!!! – S.W. / UK.

Artist Credits (in order of appearance):  Emily Balivet



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