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Yeshua & Magdalene – Womb Shamans

Yeshua and Magdalene, Spirit Keepers of the Womb

This transmission space was first held in 2014 by the Fountain of Life supported by 22 spirit keepers of the Womb, gathered by the Grail lineage of Yeshua and Magdalene, as a powerful healing transmission and audio-shamanic-ceremony on the sacred isle of Iona.

It is a celebration of the Easter Womb Mysteries of renewal rebirth and resurrection, and to honor the life-giving gifts of the Womb, which was known as the Holy Grail by the Ancients.

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You will journey and receive the transmission in your own home space, and will be given written instructions and an audio-file Shamanic Ceremony.

Legend says that Iona was home to a Womb Mystery School, and later a Druid University, and was a sacred site of initiation for those practicing Gnostic Shamanism. Lore also whispers that Yeshua and Magdalene also made a pilgrimage to Iona, and that Magdalene gave birth to one of their children in a sacred cave. The nearby isle of Mull houses a famous stained glass window at Kilmore Church, Dervaig, that depicts Yeshua and a pregnant Magdalene together, radiant in Sacred Union.

For many thousands of years the Womb was celebrated as the Source of life, the portal of rebirth and the gateway to Spirit. In Her ecstatic cycles of birthing and dissolving, all life was created and transformed. The Womb Mysteries are life-affirming and filled with love and bountiful grace.

Yeshua and Magdalene guide and inspire us with their life-giving Union, to walk the Path of Love. This deeply healing space has been opened with Aramaic toning, harp and Lyre.

This transmission will call and sing to you if:

~ You wish to open into the Womb gift of renewal in your life

~ You feel ready to rebirth into a deeper octave of love and Union

~ You wish to celebrate the incredible powers of life at this sacred time

~ You wish to attune to the creative power of your Womb or Hara

~ You wish to connect to the Grail lineage of Yeshua and Magdalene, as Spirit Keepers of the Womb and Gnostic Shamans who celebrated life.

~ You wish to unplug from a collective thought-form that celebrates the blood sacrifice of a male-god and promises redemption through death and suffering

We appreciate your support in dreaming a new way into being, of birthing back into remembrance the Holy Chalice of the Womb Mysteries, so we can become Mothers and Fathers of a New Earth, filled with love and harmony….

Love and Blessings of the Womb, Azra and Seren and The Fountain of Life Family

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