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Soul Medicine Healing Journey

Healing from the Core, Azra Bertand, MD

True healing happens when we dive deep into the body and the ‘unconscious’ mind –  the gateways to the hidden Feminine Soul. Journeying within and retrieving the fragmented parts of ourselves, frees us from negative emotional loops, and unlocks our bliss and soul gifts. It also clears our epigenetic memories, healing neural and bio-chemical pathways of pain.

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Often our conscious mind is unaware of the hidden patterns of ‘soul loss’ within us – deep unresolved conflicts or frozen energies that lurk unseen in the vast oceans of our feminine psyche, mysteriously blocking our openings to Love, Life, health, relationship and radiant vitality. Soul loss comes from ‘uncompleted movements’ of our soul – i.e. when emotional, physical or spiritual responses to important life experiences were somehow thwarted – usually because of a lack of safety and support. These hidden shocks or traumas, or undiscovered soul jewels and gifts (what Jung called ‘The Golden Shadow’), are simply waiting for our attention and embrace. The Soul Medicine Journey safely guides you through the labyrinth and vast treasure trove of your psyche (and your ancestral psyche) – to revive, reclaim and awaken your full vitality and potential. Attention is placed on safe physical, emotional, bioenergetic, and imaginal exploration and release.

This is the heart of Soul Medicine, the Biology of Soul – awakening and embodying your deepest passions, heartfelt desires and intimate longings, and manifesting your true gifts and life purpose. On this journey your actual biology changes on the cellular and epigenetic DNA level, which is now supported by scientific studies. It is incredible to watch people heal in this deeply profound way.

  • What is your Soul whispering to you today?
  • What healing message is waiting for you?
  • What gifts of the “Golden Shadow” are waiting to be claimed?

“Dr. Bertrand’s burning passion for love and healing is palpable. He is an incredible healer whose experienced wisdom, guidance, and support have completely transformed my life.”

This journey can be done via skype or phone or with Dr. Bertrand. Sessions typically involve some combination of hypnotherapy regression, imaginal journeys, emotional-bioenergetic release and resonance healing to unlock, explore, integrate and heal causal emotions and past trauma, across all multi-dimensional timelines.

Azra Bertrand, MD has a degree in bio-chemistry, as well as a medical degree from Duke University. He has practiced hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, emotional healing and alternative/integrative medicine for 20 years, guiding and healing over 25,000 patients and students. He was born into a lineage of healers, including physicians to the German Royal Court in Renaissance Europe. His first hypnosis experiences were as a young child under his mother’s tutelage, who is also a physician. He later studied hypnosis with other teachers, including Holly Forester-Miller, PhD, who underwent major abdominal surgery without anesthesia, using self-hypnosis alone. Hypnosis and sound vibration facilitate deep journeys into the Unconscious.

“Azra Bertrand is an incredible healer. I’ve had many different kinds of spiritual work in my life, but never found what I was looking for until I met Dr. Bertrand. He has been a portal for real light and clarity to come into my life.” L.O.R.

Dr. Bertrand has also studied Core Energetics, derived from the somatic psychotherapy lineage of Wilhelm Reich, spent a year researching neuro-endocrine function and early life attachment behavior at the National Institutes of Health, studied at the Oneness University in India, giving hundreds of deeksha transmissions – known as Shaktipat, and was invited by John of God to observe his energy healing techniques in Brazil. He has immersed himself in the journey of the Soul for many years, and is a wise and supportive guide for others.

This Soul Medicine Journey helps:

~ If you are experiencing physical dis-ease and wishing to heal naturally

~ If you desire to release old emotional & psychological patterns

~ If you desire to heal a specific personal or ancestral event or trauma

~ If you are on a path of spiritual or Womb Awakening

~ If you are a psychic or empath feeling overwhelmed by the current energy

~ If you wish to heal any blocks to sacred relationship and love

~ If you wish to discover and embody your Soul purpose

This journey requires your sincere commitment and desire to transform.

Contact Dr. Azra Bertrand For Questions about Healing Sessions and Soul Journeys

The invited exchange for a Soul Medicine Journey is $200 ($150 – $200 sliding scale for financial challenge)

After registering, please schedule a time on Dr. Bertrand’s online scheduling calendar (click this link) – times will be listed in your time zone, wherever you are in the world.


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What People Are Saying

“This process pulled me out of the darkest point in my life and assisted me to remember that I am a powerful, beautiful being here on this planet! I am grateful for this gift, and will never forget it.” J.K.

“This is some of the most amazing work on this planet and I am so grateful to have come home to it.” S.R.

“Dr. Bertrand is an incredible healer. I’ve had many different kinds of spiritual work in my life, but never found what I was looking for until I met Dr. Bertrand. He has been a portal for real light and clarity to come into my life.” L.O.R.

“Some of the most challenging, liberating, powerful, and lasting wisdom I have ever been guided to by another human. I AM eternally grateful.” M.G.

“Azra is one of the most integrated men I have ever met. He has a very loving and clear presence, and holds a powerful container to allow for authentic expression and healing to unfold with grace and ease. With so much Love, Grace, and Gratitude always, JahSun “White Eagle” Martini”

Important Note: Dr Bertrand is a licensed medical doctor, but consultations and sessions are offered under the auspices of his healing ministry as a Reverend, providing spiritual counsel for body, mind and soul. In the case of serious or chronic medical or psychological conditions, these sessions are intended to be a complementary support to your healing journey, but are not suggested as a replacement for in-person sessions with a local licensed doctor or therapist.


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