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Are you ready to awaken your Shakti power and open your heart? Join our 40-day and 30-day online courses for Womb/Hara Awakening, Rebirth, Menstrual Mysteries and Sacred Union. The journey unfolds in your own sacred home space, supported by a worldwide Womb Circle.

  • The Sacred Art of Writing

     Cauldron of Inspiration: Awakening your creative powers of inspiration and expression ~ discovering and developing your craft as a sacred wordsmith… Receive the recordings of 2 Tele-Circles with Seren Bertrand. Plus 2 inspirational PDF’s on creating sacred space to write and techniques to ignite the power of writing as a magical art.  Exchange: $66     Do you have […]
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  • Womb Vision Quest

    Awakening Your Feminine Power  START NOW: A magical 21- day online home study immersion you can download and begin at any time… Exchange: $133  ($77 – $133 Honor-System Sliding Scholarship for Financial Hardship)       Do you feel the voice of your Womb, your feminine power within, calling you? For thousands of years the Womb, […]
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  • Magdalene Vision Quest – 21-Day Journey

    ∇ Priestess, Sacred Bride, Holy Grail  ∇  Awakening to the Modern-Day Ministry of the Feminine Christ   The Group Journey begins on December 1st, and culminates on Solstice the 21st Private Course can be taken anytime, see below*** Exchange: $233**   *2-month payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR THIS OPTION **There is a discount […]
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  • Sacred Grail Union – Way of Love

    Rebirth Yourself Into The Heart of Love…. This powerful 30-Day online course is a heart-opening, soul-searching journey into Sacred Union, initiated with a Twin Flame Ceremony of reconnection. Merging practical emotional healing tools, with alchemical keys and magical ceremony, we descend into the Womb of Love over a lunar cycle to explore all our barriers to love […]
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  • Womb of Life: Total Rebirth

    A 30-Day Shamanic Journey Through the Womb of Life that Conceived, Gestated and Birthed You to Re-Activate Your Original Genetic Blueprint – healing negative imprints and rebirthing in Love… This is a private course that can be taken anytime, scroll to the bottom of the page for details. Exchange: $333**   *2-month payment plans are also available CLICK […]
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  • Lunar Womb Blood Awakening

       Awakening the Magical Healing Power of Your Lunar Cycle This 30-Day journey can be done by women, couples and wise women in the moon-a-pause. It helps align your cycles with the Moon, tunes you into Lunar Alchemy, awakens you into ecstatic, cosmically creative Menstruation, brings renewal and nurturance into your life, and also reconnects your Womb to the new […]
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