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The Sacred Art of Writing

pic1 Cauldron of Inspiration: Awakening your creative powers of inspiration and expression ~ discovering and developing your craft as a sacred wordsmith…

Receive the recordings of 2 Tele-Circles with Seren Bertrand. Plus 2 inspirational PDF’s on creating sacred space to write and techniques to ignite the power of writing as a magical art. 

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Do you have words, images, ideas waiting to pour out of you? Can you sense a mystical ‘inner voice’ calling you to express yourself in the magical artform of sacred writing?

The sacred power of words and storytelling are central to many ancient feminine traditions and spiritual paths. As we open into our own direct wisdom and gnosis, and gather the jewels of our own journeys into our Womb pouch, we are often called and inspired to open a creative ‘Magic Doorway’ and birth our experiences into words, to share with the world.

This 2-part Tele Circle series invites you into the secrets of the sacred art of writing and helps you get in touch with your own inner creative muse – whether the words you write are for your own personal journey, or to be published and shared with the world.

With in-depth and inspiring PDF’s included as part of the offering, you will discover more about the ‘solar and lunar’ flows of writing and creativity, and how to bring them into union, invoking the Spirit of Words, so you can birth your own unique writing voice.

Words hold great power and writing, or ‘scribing,’ was one of the known mystical arts.

This course is available for immediate download after you have registered.

Is the Cauldron of Inspiration calling you?


Receive this 2 part Tele-Womb Circle and learn….

~ How to connect with the Cauldron of Inspiration and birth ideas

~ How to connect to what the Yoniverse wishes to share through you

~ How to foster, forge and nurture your creativity and inspiration

~ How to research, organize and plan your writing (masculine)

~ How to find and allow your own unique writing flow (feminine)

~ How to overcome blocks, and feelings of unworthiness or ‘can’t’

~ How to make writing playful, joyful and adventurous fun

~   How to open the ‘Magical Doorway’ of Headlines and Standfirsts

~ How to create a logical structure that appeals to the masculine brain

~ How to create the poetic, musical rhythm of writing that speaks directly to the Feminine Consciousness and the primal brain

~ How to create words from the feminine feeling realm that touch and inspire


Fountain of Life co-founder, Seren Bertrand is a Celtic Cantadora, a keeper of the Stories of the Feminine Ways, and a guide to the poetic realms of the Cauldron of Inspiration. She has been writing since she was knee high, and has supported many others to open into their creative writing power. Here are some of her writing career ‘highlights’ so far….

* Writing a book on a modern gigolo published by Hodder, which was a first-week best-seller, and was featured on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine and featured on the UK national news and This Morning national TV show

* Writing a book called No Safe Place published by Penguin, charting Emily Christie’s journey to overcome her childhood experiences of sexual abuse.

* Being a Writer, Features Editor, Associate Editor, Deputy Editor, Editor on national women’s glossy magazines, including training teams of writers.

* Writing a monthly film-column for a top glossy magazine, including interviewing actors, musicians, artists, film directors on the art of inspiration.

* Helping writers who have writers block during the writing process of their books, guiding and supporting them, and helping co-write the book.

* Being nominated for an Amnesty International Award for Human Rights Reporting for a feature on the escape of female Tibetan refugees.

* Being nominated for best writer of the year by IPC (publisher of Marie Claire)

* Presenting at editorial conferences on creativity, ideas and writing inspiration.

* Being one of 20 journalists invited by then Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, to a meeting at number 10 Downing St, to discuss women’s issues.

* Being represented by LBA literary agents, winners of the best Literary Agency in the UK, during the writing process of Lost Scrolls: The Greatest Love Story Never Told – a novel about Magdalene – which will be published in 2017.

* Being Co-author of the magical and groundbreaking book, Pilgrimage into the Womb: Awakening the Feminine Holy Grail, which will be released in 2016.