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Descent into the Underworld


Healing Core Wounds of The Forbidden Feminine

We invite you to join us for a deep feminine soul-retrieval on this 30-Day online journey, so we can once again reclaim our inner treasures ~ for women, men and couples.

The Process includes transformational practices for you to explore at home, support from an online Circle, and a Mentor skype session. 

“How can I be substantial if I fail to cast a Shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole. inana_lily-moses-copy-2One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
― C.G. Jung

The next Group Journey starts on Samhain/Beltane October 31st – when the veils between the worlds are thin, and the wise women fly free

Privately Mentored Course can be taken anytime, scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

Exchange: $333**   

*2-month payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR THIS OPTION

**There is a discount program for developing countries, and partial scholarships are possible for single mothers with children younger than 6. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US 

*This exchange also includes a private 1-on-1 mentoring skype / phone session with a certified Fountain of Life Mentor of your choice.

**Important Information**: If you are new to this work see below.  There are recommendations for taking this course, due to the intense nature of shadow work.



We will journey to the Underworld with Inanna & Ereshkigal as our sacred guides to explore the shadow imprints of the world, including the reign of Dark Queens & Lords, the rise of dominator-Priesthoods who founded patriarchy, the institution of ritual sexual abuse practices in ancient temples, which exploited and entranced the feminine essence, and the persecution of the Wise Witches who practiced feminine shamanism. We will explore how these imprints still live on in the pandemic abuse of power and sex in our modern world, and how these imprints are coded into our deep psyche – causing us to act out as both as victim and perpetrator. We will also explore the emotional patterns of our Archetypal Core Wounds, and learn how to weave ourselves back to wholeness. By taking this epic inner journey of deep transformation, which is both a personal and collective Feminine Soul Retrieval, we will reclaim our true Womb Sovereignty.

The Fall of Atlantis – Misuse of Power
~Healing any imprints to either be dominated by others, emotionally, psychically, sexually, or to dominate and have power over others without love or humility.
The Fall of Egypt – Misuse of Sexuality
~Healing any imprints of the misuse of sexual energy, or the secret subconscious desire to submit sexually to a psychic ‘Master’, or to shutdown in fear of it.
Wound of the Witches – Persecution of the Feminine
~Healing feelings of disempowerment from epigenetic or past-life imprints of being persecuted, tortured, judged, or banished for sharing feminine wisdom.
Archetypal Core Wounds – Restoring Psychic Wholeness
~ Healing the patterns of our deepest core wounds so we can open our heart again, whilst retaining healthy boundaries, and be able to live from the root of our power and love.

As a Circle we will journey through these epigenetic, soul-lineage, ancestral and past life memories to bring the healing balm of love, discernment, and forgiveness. By reclaiming these lost soul fragments of the feminine psyche, we will restore our innate power as creators and birthers of our own reality and mass reality.

These imprints are often responsible for many blocks in our current life – especially connected to our wild power, sexuality and relationships, which either make us afraid to open into our sexual power, or make us vulnerable to those who misuse power or sexuality, or cause us to perpetrate these energies, even in subtle ways.

We will enter the forgotten realms of our sexuality and hidden feminine psyche, holding the light of the Grail, knowing that nothing is forbidden, taboo or judged.

We will work intensively with the Womb Sovereignty Vow to clear and exorcise any remaining bonds, contracts, or entanglements with energies that no longer serve us.

We will work intensively with the Womb Priestess Vow to connect deeply into our sacred mission as a Priestess, Healer, Witch in this lifetime and declare our faith.

This process is an intense collective soul retrieval journey that allows more Living Light to be embodied both personally, and by Gaia herself – via earth’s living morphogenetic field – to help catalyze the next evolutionary Spiral that our species is about to embark on, and to initiate you as a feminine light-bearer for a new era.

Like a Dragon arising from the ashes, we will embrace all the ways our feminine wisdom and energy has been enslaved or persecuted, and from the fragments of the past we will weave a shimmering garment of beauty, and birth our true power again.

It is time to claim the Feminine Mysteries back from those who have colonized them.

It is time to bring our sexual feminine womb power back to love.

Are you ready?

This includes:
~ 70-Page Descent into the Underworld Ebook
~ Shamanic Audio-Journey and Meditations
~ Energy Transmissions & Ceremonies
~ Membership of a dedicated online Circle for this course
~ A 1-hour individual phone / skype mentoring session from a certified Womb Awakening practitioner ($80 value)

This course is open to both men and women.

Payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

**Privately Mentored Course: Available Anytime

 The Descent into the Underworld course is also available as a private online course that can be taken at any time with a personal womb shaman mentor of your choosing. Your mentor will provide a 1-hour skype/ phone mentoring session and practical support for your 30-day journey. When you sign up for the Group Journey (dates listed at top of page), Azra and Seren Bertrand give the energy transmissions personally, and you will take the journey alongside a group of kindred souls in the online Womb Circle, led by an experienced facilitator. When you take the Private Course, the energy transmissions are interwoven into the audio recordings that you receive, and your primary support will come through the private mentoring session. Click the “Register Now” link below to sign up, or Contact us for more information.

** Important registration information **

This course includes intense shadow work – it is ideal if you have taken a training with Fountain of Life previously. However, if you are new to the work you can still join up for this course, but we recommend you consider arranging an additional skype-session with your Mentor (1 session is already included in the course exchange). This is your choice. Click Here to see the descent into the underworld mentor page.

If you have not studied with FOL, and there is enough time before the course starts, we suggest you take the Womb Vision Quest to prepare for this journey. This is an instant-download course ($77 – $133), which will introduce you to the healing path of the Womb.

If you have severe sexual or emotional trauma or a history of psychosis please consult with a licensed in-person psychotherapist before taking this course, and arrange for in-person counseling or psychotherapy during the course in addition to your Mentor session.

This is an intense journey and is not for the faint-hearted or for those who are not ready for this level of intensive shadow work. Be wise and tune in to your needs.

If you tune in and get a YES then we welcome you to the Descent…

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