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Lunar Womb Blood Awakening


 Awakening the Magical Healing Power of Your Lunar Cycle

This 30-Day journey can be done by women, couples and wise women in the moon-a-pause. It helps align your cycles with the Moon, tunes you into Lunar Alchemy, awakens you into ecstatic, cosmically creative Menstruation, brings renewal and nurturance into your life, and also reconnects your Womb to the new waves of energy being emitted from the Galactic Womb Centre. 

PersephoneJoin us for this incredible journey!

This is a private course that can be taken anytime, scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

Exchange: $333**  

*2-month payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR THIS OPTION

**There is a discount program for developing countries, and partial scholarships are possible for single mothers with children younger than 6. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US 


 What people are saying:

˜ ‘An incredible journey of awakening. The rebirth of the Feminine is so powerful and I am in awe’ 

˜ ‘This is some of the most amazing work on this planet and I am so grateful to have come home to it.’

˜ ‘Lunar Womb Blood Awakening was a profound powerful experience that continually deepens my connection with my womb, and conscious menstruation, full of deepening sensuality and beautiful journeys that unfold throughout every moon cycle…’ Minnie Eliana, founder of



Welcome to your journey into the Moon mysteries…

With menstrual ritual and audio Shamanic Ceremony you will take a guided journey through New Moon, waxing with the creative, magnetic, outward Womb energies, culminating in the flowering, expansive, life-giving Full Moon, then waning into the receptive, intuitive, inner Womb energy, before descending into the Dark Moon portal, to reclaim your prophetic, shamanic power as a Womb Priestess or Womb Shaman. You will also be guided through your Blood Moon, if you receive this blessing – journeying into the primordial river of your menstruation, receiving gifts on the in breath ebb of her lunar tides, and releasing any blocks to feminine power on the lunar out flow.

“Gifts of the Lunar Essence – the forgotten, Forbidden Feminine. The deep roots of womanliness, connected in dark fertile soil to the Web of Life. Eyes deep, like a prophetic pool. Unafraid, curious. A Woman steeped in Cunning – meaning To Know, a timeless wisdom of the bones, born in the Womb. She stirs her Soul into a soup, her cauldron is her firmament of Creation. She grows things with the cycles of the moon, hearing the whispering of the plants as they release their secrets. On dark moon nights, she feels the magnetic pull of the blackness in the woods, and knows, as she is pulled, it is her own Feminine Source calling her – to meet her deepest self. For men, this is the call of the forbidden, primal masculine –  a mage of the cycles of life and her wildness”

~ An extract from our forthcoming book ‘Pilgrimage into the Womb – Awakening the Feminine Holy Grail

For more wisdom on the power of menstruation visit this page 

What will this invite into your life?


~ You will tune you into the subtle rhythms of your Womb and her dance with the Moon.

~ You will heal and awaken any blocks to your femininity.

~ You will take a gentle and powerful journey of inner discovery, self-love and reconnection.

~ You will heal emotional issues, sexual blocks or trauma, physical issues such as cysts and endometriosis, PMS, irregular cycles.

~ You will enhance fertility and conscious conception.

~ You will reconnect your Wise Blood (for women in moon-a-pause) to the new waves of energy being emitted from the Galactic Centre and the Womb of Creation, as part of our Feminine Awakening.

How do you participate in this course?

This sacred 30-day lunar journey will take place in your own home and sacred space. The time commitment is approximately 20 minutes a day for meditation and ritual. There will be 5 Shamanic Ceremonies on New Moon, 1st Quarter Moon, Full Moon, last Quarter Moon and New Moon each starting at 8.30pm (your time). There is no ‘have to’, and you can decide how deeply you wish to journey. There will also be guidance for  awakening your menstruation – including for those now in the moon-a-pause.


Moon Phases over a Mountain

What you will receive:

~ An extract from our forthcoming book ‘Pilgrimage into the Womb – Awakening the Feminine Holy Grail

~ Information on the latest science on the power of Menstruation

~ A comprehensive information PDF Grimoire with guidance on Lunar journeying and menstrual magic that will transform your Moontime – including those in Moon-a-pause and in Sacred Union

~ Daily Solar/Lunar Alchemy practices from the Grail lineage

Ancient Wisdom and Cutting-Edge Medical Science:

In 2012 Fountain of Life met with a top international research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells, a colleague of FOL’s Dr Azra Bertrand MD. His research indicated they had the capacity to work ‘miracles’. He described how the first time he used Menstrual Blood Stem Cells he felt like he had been ‘reborn’ – an unfit man in his late fifties, he’d had to run around the block because he had so much energy. His decision to work with menstrual blood had come from ‘intuition’ about the powers of the Womb. He was fascinated to hear about the mythological stories of the power of the Womb known in Ancient times, FOL shared with him.

Another research scientist colleague, a man in his sixties, had worked with stem cells and had experienced his hair change from grey to the black of his youth in a matter of months. Throughout the world, in secret, these experiments are happening – in China, Russia, Mexico, India, and many more countries. Many of these scientists guard the ‘Alchemical’ secrets of this science very closely. Isn’t it time we reclaimed this power back, held in sanctity, self-empowerment and love?

Now the scientists have gone even deeper down the rabbit hole – with implications that could change how we view our biology, connection to Source and potential for longevity, and even ‘immortality’. Fountain of Life will be sharing some of these findings in their forthcoming book, ‘Pilgrimage Into the Womb: Awakening the Feminine Holy Grail’ sharing wisdom received through Womb Gnosis by Seren Bertrand, coupled with ground-breaking insights into the biology of Feminine consciousness by Dr Azra Bertrand MD, merging cutting-edge left-brain research with revolutionary right-brain sacred science.

Gnostic Christians used to call their religion Synesaktism – another word for Agape – which means ‘The Way of Shaktism’, referring to Tantric Yoni-Worship.

One of the most important rituals was preparing a ‘drink of immortality’ made from menstrual blood, which is full of healing stem cells, which can actually activate our cellular capacity to regenerate and transport us to endocrine states of rapture. Or in a spiritual sense open us to the Frequency of Love and Eternal Life, transporting us to another Dimension – called Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana etc.

This ‘Love Feast’ or ‘Sacred Marriage’ – a core part of the Menstrual Mysteries – was eventually declared a heresy and women were barred from participating in Christian rites.

However the ‘Power of Renewal, Rebirth, and Resurrection’ previously associated with the Holy Womb and Menstrual Blood of the Divine Mother was transferred to the story of Jesus and his ritual of Eucharist – ‘hic est sanguis meus – this is the Chalice of my Blood’ – where worshippers ‘drank his blood’ to gain the power of Rebirth through him.

In most ancient myths and religions, throughout the world dating back hundreds of thousands of years, the power of rebirth and renewal had always been a blessing of the Feminine Womb – embodied and gifted by Sacred Womb Priestesses across many cultures. It had never been held by a man. Although there are many legends about the ‘menstrual powers of female shamans’ being stolen by male gods.

The Holy Grail, in its true original essence, is the Womb.

Women born many, many thousands of years ago in what we might called ‘Original Innocence’ – before many of our genetic capabilities went offline, held this power naturally, as a birthright, shared with their tribes in renewal rituals.

Since those times, once the birthright was lost, women across many lineages and cultures – Womb Priestesses – have practiced many varied ways to heal, clear and open the Womb, so it can once again embody the frequency of Love, of Original Innocence, so that the energetic and physical stem cell capacity can activate purer states of consciousness and activate incredible regenerative healing. This knowledge has been almost lost over the last thousand years, as it has been fragmented, scattered and deliberately destroyed.

Now it is desiring to return, to ‘renew our lands’ as the myths foretold.

Blessings of the Blood to you….

© 2013 Seren and Azra Bertrand. All rights reserved.

*Payment plan available, and discount program for developing countries, scholarship possible for single mothers with children younger than 6. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US 

**Private Course: Available Anytime

 The Lunar Womb Blood Awakening course is available as a private online course that can be taken at any time. When you take the course, energy transmissions are interwoven into the audio recordings that you receive, and you can email our team if you have any questions.  Click the “Register Now” link below to sign up, or Contact us for more information.

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