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Magdalene Vision Quest – 21-Day Journey

∇ Priestess, Sacred Bride, Holy Grail  ∇ 

Awakening to the Modern-Day Ministry of the Feminine Christ + Optional Magdalene-Essence Elixirs


Group Journey begins on October 31st

Exchange: $233*



*2-month payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR THIS OPTION

**There is a discount program for developing countries, and partial scholarships are possible for single mothers with children younger than 6. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US 

***Private, Self-Paced Course can be taken anytime, please CONTACT US  for any questions

Calling on a Vision of Mary

This Magdalene Vision Quest is hosted by Azra and Seren Bertrand, award-winning authors of the acclaimed book, ‘Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life’, and authors of the upcoming book ‘Magdalene Mysteries’ (Inner Traditions, 2019).

Together, we shall dive into the ‘new ministry’ of the Feminine Christ and ask why Mary Magdalene, as a Priestess-Apostle of the Goddess, has risen from her mythic cave, unveiling herself now, to guide and inspire us with her prophetic and visionary priestess-wisdom.

With live video-circles, Magdalene energy transmissions, shamanic ceremonies, medicine songs, womb ritual, curated reading lists, daily wisdom emails, guest podcasts, revelatory lost ‘herstory’, and a private online sharing circle, we will create an oracular web-weaving.

This 21-day journey takes place in your own home, to your own schedule, and all live calls are recorded so you can listen in your own time. All the materials are yours to keep for your own “Magdalene Wisdom Temple” and can be journeyed with after the Vision Quest ends. 

Magdalene Elixirs

We also have Potion Priestess Eliza Stephen with us on the journey, and you can also choose to journey with Magdalene-Essence Elixirs to support your journey. There are a Quartet of Elixirs designed to help you anchor the full Magdalene Mysteries into embodiment; with a Gaia-Sophia Magic Doorway potion to open the gates to Otherworld; a Marie Salome potion to assist with your Ancestral Initiation and Enthronement; a Mary Magdalene potion to assist with your Erotic Embodiment and Queenship; and a Mari-Isis potion to assist with your Celestial Crowning and awakening to your own inner Divinity. 

Please note, all potions are an extra cost to the online journey and only those people registered on the Vision Quest can order these specially curated elixirs. 

Church of the Grail

Magdalene de la Mer by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Mary Magdalene returns to restore the “Church of the Grail” – to awaken the luminous Holy Feminine essence within man and woman and to marry the body to the spirit in ecstatic union.

As scholars and religious authorities debate over the story and myth of this legendary figure, Mary Magdalene is reaching out to give a powerful transmission to ordinary people everywhere, heralding the return of the feminine principle into the world.

Through her love story with her Beloved, and her reputation as ‘the women who loved much’, she awakens the unity of the sacred masculine and feminine heart.

It was known in secret alchemical circles that there was a mystical left-hand path of the Feminine Christ, who calls out to us now, so we can complete the Circle of Union.

Magdalene invites us to awaken the Grail within our own sacred sexuality and earthly body, to become life-bearers and benevolent oracles for a new era.

Arising from the mystery schools of Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Avalon, the temples of Delphi, Avebury, Eleusis, and the wisdom-traditions of Shekinah and Sophia, the last outpouring of this feminine wisdom came through the Cathar Church of the Holy Spirit, which included women, and held a secret teaching transmission of the Grail.

They prophesied that their teachings would return in 700 years and the feminine bough would bud with greenness again – that time is now, and the wisdom returns through each person who feels an inner call to discover and awaken The Magdalene.

Divine Feminine Quest – Awakening the Grail…

Our Magdalene Vision Quest will unfold over 3 weeks. If you are part of the group journey, we will start on October 31st, the Celtic New Year and also the start date of the ancient Festival of Isis. 

Opening the door, we initiate our Magdalene Vision Quest, to receive an energy transmission from the Rose of Magdalene – granting us entry into the pathways of feminine wisdom and vision, and awakening the memory in our “Feminine DNA”.

Each week, we will also join together for a communion in the “Church of the Grail”

  • 1st Week: Alchemical Priestess & Oracle  – Initiatory Feminine Wisdom

           – Shamanic Vision Quest Journey & Energy Transmission

  • 2nd Week: Holy Bride & Holy Grail – Magdalene’s Sacred Union & Shakti Teachings

          – Tele-Circle Wisdom Transmission & Sharing Circle

  • 3rd Week: Visionary Feminine Christ – Embodying Magdalene’s New Ministry

        – Podcast with guest teacher Ani Williams, creatrix of Magdalene’s Gift (

         – Podcast by Seren Bertrand on the Teachings of Love of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua

  • Closing Ceremony – ‘Rose of Light’ Ceremony & Transmission

      – Celebrating the Womb of Darkness and Rebirth of the Grail Light 

(You will be able to download the talks if you cannot make it to a live session)

MAGDALENE PRACTICUM: We will journey with the ecststic arts of the Magdalene:

  • Magdalene sacred feminine prayers calling out to the Divine Mother
  • Magdalene sacred feminine incantations and chants to awaken our Oracle 
  • Magdalene shamanic journeys to reveal and deliver a personal Vision 

MAGDALENE LIBRARY: Reference material and extracts from the key Magdalene texts, and a recommended reading list of academic, channeled and fictional Magdalene books.

Are you CALLED to Quest for a Vision of The Magdalene?

On this Divine Feminine Vision quest we explore why the feminine archetype of Mary Magdalene so important right now, and what critical message she brings to us.

We shall dive into her ‘new ministry’ and ask why Mary Magdalene, as a Priestess-Apostle of the Goddess, has risen from her mythic inner cave, unveiling herself, to guide us, implore us and lead us with her prophetic and visionary priestess-wisdom.

Most importantly, we shall explore how to connect with our own ‘inner Magdalene’ – and to discover what incredible gifts our ‘spiritual inner womb’ is wishing to birth into the world through us, and how we can become a modern-day feminine mystic.

We invite the amazing potential that each one of us is the Holy Grail, a chalice for the Christed essence of Shakti to flow through, carrying a powerful new birthing energy.

As with any Vision Quest, we will call, sing and cry out to the Great Mystery, to the Great Mother, and with passionate devotion, ask to receive our own revelatory vision. We are seeking to open the Magic Doorway within, so we can step through into a hidden dimension of wisdom, on our inner pilgrimage, and be illuminated.


*Payment plan available, and discount program for developing countries, scholarship possible for single mothers with children younger than 6. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US 

***Private Course – Available Anytime

The Magdalene Vision Quest is also available as a private online course that can be taken at any time. When you sign up for the public course, Azra and Seren Bertrand give the energy transmissions personally, as well as a live video TeleCircle, and you take the journey together with a shared facebook Womb Circle group. When you take the private course, the energy transmissions are interwoven into the audio recordings that you receive, and the TeleCircle is available as a podcast to listen to in your own time. Click the “Register Now” link below to sign up for the private course, or please Contact us if you have any questions.

*2-month payment plans are also available for the private course CLICK HERE FOR THIS OPTION


Mary Magdalene by Natvienna Hanell

Mary Magdalene by Natvienna Hanell