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Womb of Life: Total Rebirth

A 30-Day Shamanic Journey Through the Womb of Life that Conceived, Gestated and Birthed You to Re-Activate Your Original Genetic Blueprint – healing negative imprints and rebirthing in Love…

TotalRebirthThis is a private course that can be taken anytime, scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

Exchange: $333**  

*2-month payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR THIS OPTION

**There is a discount program for developing countries, and partial scholarships are possible for single mothers with children younger than 6. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US 


This powerfully transformative 30-day journey takes you back into the cauldron of your conception and your gestation in your mother’s Womb – to heal any negative epigenetic imprints you received during this time, and to rebirth into love and radiance. Based on the groundbreaking book, Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life, by Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand.

Scientific research reveals startling evidence that many of our behavioral patterns, health issues and psychological fragmentation is imprinted during our time in the Womb – literally written into our genetics and neural pathways. FOL’s Dr Azra Bertrand was involved in the  primary scientific research efforts on mother-baby bonding at the National Institute of Health in the Child Health and Human Development Division in the late 1990’s.

The good news is, that no matter what negative imprints we have inherited from our parents, by revisiting this time in the Womb and releasing these imprints, we can rewire our DNA and psyche for a life of love and vitality.

All shamanic traditions speak of this great rebirth – of returning to the Womb to be born again.

During your 30-day journey, not only will you heal Ancestral and personal wounding from your conception, gestation and birth – you will also enter the Shamanic Otherworld of the Great Womb to claim the gifts of love and wisdom that are waiting to be remembered and embodied, as well as communing with the Web of Life.

Now is the time to reclaim our legacy of love by healing our ancestral trauma. Due to at least 5,000 years of patriarchy, and 40,000 years of attack against the Feminine Wisdom, both men and women have been (epi)genetically modified to disconnect from our original blueprint lived in Love by our Ancient Mothers & Fathers.

These genetic memories of both Love and pain live on inside us – waiting for us to choose the path we wish to live by and how we wish the world to be.

When we have the courage to choose our genetic inheritance of Love, and dissolve all that is not love, we become Mothers and Father of New Earth.

Within our genetic treasure chest lives vast spiritual and biological potentials that remain dormant – but we have the power to reawaken and reclaim these incredible potentials and become Chalices of Living Light.

Revisiting the cauldron of our mother’s Womb, where our receptive capacity was formed, is a huge key to this genetic awakening and healing.

During this transformative, feminine process you will experience the following Ceremonies and practices that are designed to take you deep into the subconscious, DNA and cerebellum, where the memories and traumas of your conception and birth still live on, unconsciously shaping your life.

What people are saying:

‘One of the most profound journeys I have experienced, it has amazed me, and brought me back to life. I have embodied feelings and awakenings in ways I never knew possible. Of all the many teachings I have connected too, the Fountain of Life community has touched me most deeply. The sheer love and dedication is inspiring; love and radiance shines through this work and is changing the world! Thank you.’ ~ Minnie Eliana, UK.

‘It’s difficult to find words to express the transformative power of this Total Rebirth journey. Many times I’ve heard details of my gestation and birth from my parents but during this journey and fully immersing myself in my mothers womb, I truly felt her wounds (ancestral wounds) her unlived desires, her fears. It was an eye-opener and painful to face, how deeply my birth and womb environment had shaped my world, how tightly weaved I was to my mothers being – some truths were too close to ‘see’. I had to face and continue to face destructive patterns I loop in. Having the courage to truly ‘see’ these patterns during this journey gave me an amazing opportunity to accept, digest, integrate and heal these wounds and patterns not just for me but for my children and grandchildren. A strong and magical experience, thank you for the invitation and support’ – LW, UK

What you will receive:

~ 6 deep Shamanic Ceremonies with guided audio journeys

~6 Long-Distance Energy Healing Transmissions

~ Shamanic breathwork video instructions

~ Conscious Re-Conception Ceremony: Spirit into Matter, Shamanic Audio Journey and Energy Transmission

~ Womb Elements Gestation Healing; Shamanic Audio Journeying through Womb Air, Womb Water, Womb Fire and Womb Earth and Energy Transmission

~ Ceremony of Rebirth: Born into Love; Shamanic Audio Journey and Breathwork Journey of Rebirth

~ Shamanic Crafting to support your healing journey

~ Feminine Dimension Mapping of your Mother’s Womb

~ Original writings on the leading-edge research of how to heal the imprints of your ancestral lineage, reactivate your genetic blueprint, and reclaim your capacity to be an embodied Chalice of Living Light

~Receive instructions on Fountain of Life breathing practices to move, circulate and release anger into pure Shakti (life force energy)

NOW IS THE TIME for radical, passionate joyful transformation!

This journey is open to both men and women, and takes place in your own sacred space.

Payment plans are also available CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

**Private Course: Available Anytime

 The Womb of Life Total Rebirth is available as a private online course that can be taken at any time. When you take the course, energy transmissions are interwoven into the audio recordings that you receive, and you can email our team if you have any questions.  Click the “Register Now” link below to sign up, or Contact us for more information.

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