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Womb Vision Quest

Awakening Your Feminine Power – Self-Paced Study & Journey 

A magical 21- day online home study immersion you can download and begin at any time…

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Do you feel the voice of your Womb, your feminine power within, calling you?

For thousands of years the Womb, or Hara in men, was known as the seat of the Soul – our centre of radiance, love, connection, support and inner power. Our inner ‘birthing throne’ is the gateway of creation and magical possibility, physically and energetically. 

This Womb Vision Quest creates a Magic Doorway that reconnects you to the feminine centre of wisdom within, and births your inner bliss, creativity, intution and healing power. 

Close your eyes and bring your awareness down to your Womb – can you sense the deep, pulsing spiritual fertility within you? Can you sense your magnetic, creative power? This is your true divine essence, which has been waiting for you to remember and reclaim her.

The Womb is brimming with the radiance of Shakti, and can rebirth all into love.

As described in the multi award-winning book, Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life, by taking this Vision Quest to connect with your Womb, a powerful seed of sensual rebirth is planted in your life – creating huge inner and outer shifts.

This Vision Quest Connects You To:

  • The Voice of your Womb
  • The Power of your Feminine Essence
  • The Power To Rebirth Your Life
  • The Vitality and Renewal of Shakti

This Vision Quest Calls Forth:

  • Trust in Your Own Feminine Power
  • Rooting into Safety and Abundance
  • Self-love, Compassion and Softness
  • Awakening Your Sensual Feminine Presence

On This Vision Quest You Will Receive:

~ Powerful Guided Shamanic Audio-Journeys for Daily Practice

~ Pelvic Presence – A Deeply Restorative Body-Prayer Practice

~ Womb-Yoni Seiki – A Soft and Gentle Feminine De-Armoring Practice

~ Womb Elements Mapping – Meditation & Contemplation Practice

~ ‘Sacred Womb Rituals – Nourishing the Feminine Soul’ E-bookAn enchanting book filled with sacred feminine rituals to tune into your deep womb wisdom and discover your inner feminine beauty. Includes inspiration to awaken your inner Womb Priestess, and information on how to support your journey with yoni-root steam rituals, crystals, herbs, and flower essences, water rituals, prayer and feminine meditations.

~ Bonus Lunar Water Bowl Meditation Journey – a beautiful and nurturing guided audio journey to connect your womb with the lunar consciousness and wisdom of the Moon. 

COURSE NOTES: This Womb Vision Quest takes place in your own space, and can be done either in 21-days – or at your own pace and convenience. When you register you will receive an Information PDF, E-book & Audio Journeys. You will be able to download and permanently keep all ebooks and audio journeys. These practices can become the foundation of a daily practice of embodied feminine spirituality and connection to your own intuitive wisdom.

Art: In creative commons, ‘Undine’ by J.W.Waterhouse