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Womb Grief Ritual

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Healing the Divine Feminine Within

This 1-day grieving ritual is a sacred space for women and men to meet, express, befriend and explore the deepest wounds and pains of their feminine self, of Gaia, and the feminine principle on earth – and to release them into the loving embrace of the Divine Mother.

In ancient feminine mystery schools, ritual grieving and lamentation was a key process of rebirthing, releasing and opening back into love.

Now the wisdom returns to heal and renew the feminine. 

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love.” Rumi

This powerful healing is for women who have experienced abortion, miscarriage, hysterectomy, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, heartbreak, or for those desiring to allow the free expression of their Womb, and for Grail Knights who wish to step forward and support the feminine, and contact their own inner feminine grief.

There is no wound, no pain, no trauma so great that it cannot be dissolved in the Great Womb. Now is the time to truly meet and let go of the burden of shame, guilt, grief, pain and hurt that has held the feminine in chains, and to allow the Feminine Light to shine.

Grieving creates a sacred pathway to restore your sense of trust in life, and birth love and lightness. When the grief of your Womb is expressed, she is free again to create beauty.

Cutting edge science now reveals what ancient shamanic traditions have always known – that allowing the full, authentic expression of our grief, and having its witnessed, creates transformation at the quantum level, rebirthing our body, psyche, and soul.

Your innocence has never been touched. Your femininity is pure and radiant.

Your Feminine Soul is calling to you….

The Soul of the World is calling to you….

You are supported to heal. The Great Womb holds you…


~ During this Womb Grief Ritual you will experience ~

~ Sacred body-prayers to awaken and heal your Womb ~

~ Supportive practices to express the Voice of your Womb ~

~ Journeying through the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel ~

~ Creating a Womb Map of your inner Feminine space ~

~ A sacred Womb Grief Ritual in shamanic Ceremonial space ~

~ Crafting and the Feminine Arts to support your journey ~

~ The love and support of a soul family Womb Circle ~

~ A profound communion with the Womb of Gaia, and Divine Mother ~


~ What this Womb Grief Ritual will invite into your life ~

~ Reclaiming your Womb space as a sacred centre of power ~

~ Healing and releasing old trauma that has ‘weighed you down’ ~

~ Awakening the true beauty of your feminine self ~

~ Opening into self-love and loving relationship with your body ~

~ Awakening your creative feminine power ~

~ Opening into the frequency of Pure Love and renewal ~

~ Deepening your experience of intimacy, relationship and love ~

~ Sacred communion with Gaia and feeling safe to be on earth ~


~ Only the Womb has the to Power to Heal the World ~

“The Ancients long ago knew the secret Power of the Womb.  She was the center of every culture – the true Omphalos, The Great Hu, the Portal to Cosmic Center, the Holy Grail – contained in the body temple of every living woman.  The Womb is the key to realizing our highest potentials as humans – the forgotten key to creativity, vitality, sensuality and powers of manifestation. The return of Womb Consciousness will heal the wasteland.”

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