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Womb Healing Skype Sessions

Creating a powerful Magical Doorway of healing, these sessions are a sacred space to activate and deepen into the wisdom and intuition that lives within your Womb – bringing incredible gifts to your health, relationships, family, sexuality, finances, vocation and soul purpose. 

  • What is a Womb Healing Skype Session?

    Available for women, men or couples – wherever you are in the world These sessions are offered by the Fountain of Life Womb Mentors to guide and support you deeper into your healing process. A Skype Womb Healing Session opens up a Magic Doorway of possibility in your life, and brings a new octave of […]
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  • Initial / General Consultation

    This session is an open space to see what wishes to arise in your healing journey, and is perfect for an initial consultation or if you are feeling called to a session, but aren’t yet sure what issues are wishing to be explored and embraced. Often what we ‘think’ we wish to heal is not […]
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  • Womb Clearing & Exorcism

      Every emotional, energetic, and sexual encounter we experience imprints into our Womb space. Scientists have now discovered that we carry the genetic material of past lovers within our body for up to seven years. More significant than this, is that we carry the emotional and energetic wounds with us for years and years, even […]
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  • 4 Womb Elements Healing

    ~ * ~ Air – Roof or Ceiling of the Womb Fire – Right Ovary Water – Left Ovary Earth – Foundation or Floor of the Womb Radiant Darkness/Ether – Centre of the Womb, Portal to the Cosmic Womb ~ * ~ In many ancient traditions, the Womb Rose Cross, represented the 4 Womb Elements […]
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  • Magdalene Womb Activation

      Mary Magdalene in her true role as a Grail Bearer is flowering back into the consciousness of the world as the Feminine Dimension returns. The name Magdalene itself is not a personal name, but a titular name – and the layers of its meaning in the ancient languages include – Magnificent One, Great Weaver […]
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