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Womb Clearing & Exorcism


Every emotional, energetic, and sexual encounter we experience imprints into our Womb space. Scientists have now discovered that we carry the genetic material of past lovers within our body for up to seven years. More significant than this, is that we carry the emotional and energetic wounds with us for years and years, even our entire life, until we choose to explore, release and heal them.

The Womb is the centre of our creativity, and also births the frequency of how our life unfolds and the experiences, people and events that come to us – when the Womb is wounded, shutdown, afraid and hurt, we often magnetize negative events or relationships, re-experiencing our original trauma, again and again.

When a person has experienced serious Womb trauma, such as a sexual abuse, rape, betrayal, abandonment – especially if it is a theme that runs down their Ancestral line – they can have what may be called a ‘haunted Womb’, where Spirit attachments and negative epigenetic imprints are hooked into the Womb.

The Womb wounds of our Ancestors are also passed down to us through our epigenetic DNA, and we often hold and carry the pain of the sexual trauma and emotional abuse and abandonment our mothers and fathers experienced.

Money is also intimately connected to sexual energy, and often Womb trauma also creates lack of abundance and a failure to thrive and feel safe in the world.

When the Womb releases and clears these negative imprints and attachments, she can begin to birth beauty, love and good fortune back into your life. Your Womb and Feminine Crown, your foundation, becomes secure, healthy and open. Miraculous shifts in your life and law of attraction can happen as the Womb begins to heal and regain her trust in life again, and magnetize loving support.

There is no trauma, relationship, or Ancestral/past life wound that cannot be healed, cleared and released – when we have the courage to feel it and face it.

After your session you will receive an information PDF and guided audio journey for either the Yoni-Root Steam Ritual or the Yoni-Root Smudge, so that you can  help to support the cellular and energetic healing and clearing in your Womb.

This healing session is suggested for: 

~ Those who have experienced sexual abuse, rape or sexual violation

~ Those who have experienced psychic sexual abuse or manipulation

~ Those who have sexual or emotional abuse in their Ancestral lineage

~ Those who have Womb issues such as endometriosis/cysts

~ If you have recently separated from a lover and wish to clear the field

~ To release any negative cords/imprints from an abusive relationship

~ To release any unhealthy cords from betrayal or heartbreak

~ If you are wishing to meet your Soulmate or deepen your relationship

~ Those who are preparing for and practicing Sacred Union

Depending on what unfolds during your session, your Womb Mentor may also suggest an additional supportive Sacred Ceremony and Energy Transmission for either Abortion, Miscarriage, Sexual Abuse, or Past Life/Epigenetic healing.



Artist Credits (in order of appearance): Dante Gabriel Rossetti ‘Pandora’ (Image in Public Domain)

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