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What is a Womb Healing Skype Session?

Available for women, men or couples – wherever you are in the world

These sessions are offered by the Fountain of Life Womb Mentors to guide and support you deeper into your healing process. A Skype Womb Healing Session opens up a Magic Doorway of possibility in your life, and brings a new octave of insight and healing to help you create and manifest an abundant, soulful life of love, joy and beauty

These sessions are a sacred space to help you get in touch with the wisdom and intuition that lives within your Womb – which has all the answers to any issues in your life, be they health, relationship, sexual, financial, vocational or soulful.

Some of the Womb Mentors hold specific qualifications in healing modalities such as nutrition, herbalism or psychotherapy. If you know you would like to focus on health and wellbeing, it would be wise to contact them for a consultation. If you have a serious medical issue, an initial consultation with Dr Bertrand may be best, before you begin with your Womb Awakening Mentor.

~ Each session lasts approximately an hour

~ Each Womb Awakening Mentor prices their sessions individually, to reflect their training and the country they practice in

~  Sliding scale or discounts may be available for financial hardship

~ You will be asked to fill in a Fountain of Life questionnaire and release form before your session – and it is essential to return it beforehand

~ Your Womb Awakening Mentor will ask you for either your Skype address or your phone number, and will call you at a pre-agreed time


Womb Awakening requires your active participation in your healing, self-responsibility and a deep desire to come alive to your true potentials.

Disclaimer: The Womb Healing Skype Sessions do not constitute a replacement for consultation and treatment with a qualified medical doctor or mental health worker. If you are experiencing serious medical or psychological issues always consult with a trained professional first and always update them on your progress. 

Womb Mentors are all undergoing an intensive training with Fountain of Life, but their views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the Fountain of Life. 


Artist Credits (in order of appearance): John Duncan ‘Hymn to the Rose’ (public domain)




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