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Everyday Priestess – Sacred Moonstruation

Everyday tips for a modern-day Moon Priestess….

Article crafted with love and Moon rays by Minnie Eliana

Dear Sacred Woman,

As a womb priestess and Womb Awakening facilitator I get a lot of questions from women longing to reconnect with their moon cycle but not knowing how.

There are lots of options out there but in a world where the conventional methods are still advocated, some women lack the confidence in their own practices and the support of a female community in which to feel celebrated as a woman.

This is aimed to be a simple feminine guide to consciously working with your moon during your monthly everyday life.

Preparation for Your Sacred Moontime

When you begin to record your moon cycle you will get into some understanding of when she is due, this will give you time to consciously prepare, it may take a couple of moons to do this preparation but the time you take can be truly worth it.

☽ Gather your moontime things into one sacred space a box/ draw/ devoted shelf: Moon Pads (sponges or cups), Herbs, Oils, Crystals, Candles, Journals, Blankets, etc.

☽It is good to have chart or calendar to appease your more masculine aspect and assist you with dates and flow records, but also to have a moon diary or sketch book for your feminine feeling body so you can draw and explore the emotional and spiritual journey you take on your moon time.

☽ If you have a family, a beloved or housemates I encourage you to be open about your journey with your moon time, you may be surprised by how understanding they are.

☽ Pick nourishing foods for your break times/ meals and be conscious of your body’s comfort, do you need to wear looser clothes or perhaps have a cushion or heat pad in your office chair. I have a favourite fluffy hot water bottle and a red blanket that go everywhere with me when I need them.

☽ Don’t do unnecessary housework or physical exercises in the first 3 days of Your moon, ask someone to help where possible and treat these days as more gentle days, rest, watch uplifting movies, read or do something that requires little exercise.

What Pads, Sponges or Cups Do I Use?

Many women now are too sensitive for some menstrual cups and less natural moon time products that have been found to have harsh chemicals within them… I have always been one of the sensitive ones and from my personal experience shamanic free-flowing when possible and conscious menstruation with cloth pads or ‘natural disposables’ when needed are my most comfortable options.

☽ Organic products – Available online and often locally. There are many unbleached, cruelty free, biodegradable products out there, that are just like other brands in terms of use, except they are generally kinder to your body and the environment, explore your local stores and see what you find!

☽ Cloth pads – Washable and re-usable these are a great option to be loving to your body and Earth Mother too. Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes from pantyliner and light flow through to night flow and post-partum catering to different body sizes and moon-time needs. There are lots of great options, so you can choose the colours you like.

☽ Moon cups – There are re-usable and disposable ones available, the re-usable ones are usually made from silicone, but some may be latex, there are different sizes and flow capacities depending on your needs, some are colourful, and some are plainer, it really depends on what goes for you. Have a look online or even in local health-food stores.

☽ Sponges – Natural sea sponges for menstruation (it is good to ensure they are ethically sourced from approved regions and that they come from a reputable menstrual specialist). Many women feel these are a fabulous simple alternative to tampons and they are available from natural menstruation shops online.

Sacred Women’s Gathering 

I encourage you to have a red tent with your friends after day 3 of your moon, you could attend an official red tent, womb circle or moon lodge but you don’t have to.

☽ Plan a mini party, nice nourishing foods, warm cosy blankets, red roses, red candles, have a little women’s night and celebrate your moon-time. Wonderful thing when you spend time with other women close to you is that your cycles can get more and more in tune

☽ Talking freely with our trusted female friends and family goes a long way to telling our bodies to begin to release and heal the shame and stigma that is buried in our genetics around our sacred flow, just letting other women know you have your moon is a great start, before long they will be sharing too. I even have family members telling me nowadays when my moon-time is due, and I need to take it easy, they are so in sync with my cycle!

☽ A simple blessing to speak for a friend on her moon: “Blessings of the Sacred Moon Flow”or “Blessings of the Womb Blood” it is an acknowledgement that is empowering, loving and awakening.

☽ Bring a little gift to a friend on her flow, to acknowledge her journey, it could be a scented candle, a box of herbal tea or some dark chocolate, something to give her a feeling of love, nurture and support from the feminine.

☽ Have an experienced friend, an elder crone or wise woman in your life someone to whom you can reach out when things are a little rough or if you have moon time questions, it is great to be able to pick up the phone and talk about it, to receive a supportive feminine presence in your moon time.

☽ When you build up the relationship with your female friends they become ‘womb sisters’ and it makes it simpler to share the journey. When we come together in a moon community we are connecting to a great web of women who have gone with the flow of the cycles and our bodies remember this. Together we are slowly beginning to heal this great wound of the feminine, re-weaving the tapestries with our threads of awakening to form lush beautiful stories and conscious menstruation is a powerful key to this weaving.   

Radiant Blessings of the Womb, Minnie Eliana

Article Creatrix:

Minnie Eliana is a Spirit Keeper of the Womb sharing the pathway of Womb Awakening as a facilitator in her local community and a mentor with the Fountain of Life. A dancing dragoness she works with women to assist them in their journeys of conscious feminine embodiment and in her role as a Womb Priestess she holds sacred devotional temple space for embodied feminine spirituality. For more information see:

Sacred Artist:

Natvienna Hanell is on a mission to find a creative language for the mystery that lives deep inside every human being. To create pieces of art that help you unravel and begin to open the door to that magic!

Explore deeper: 

I can personally recommend this course, it is such a foundational journey in reclaiming our shamanic menstrual self.

You could also purchase the Sacred Womb Rituals E-book for some beautiful self-love and self-care tips, with wonderful rituals and ceremonies to make every day a special occasion.

And of course, the revolutionary, revelatory feminine text, Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life contains truly beautiful jewels of knowledge on this too, find it here for purchase:






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