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Fountain of Life Radio Presents


“Follow Your Womb Bliss”

A New Radio Show to Birth a New Earth!

Next Live Show: October 21st, 3 – 4 pm EDT (USA)

Peruquois | The Original Essence: Power of the Sacred Feminine

When the show is live, CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW to listen in. For links to past shows, scroll down below.

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Tune into the Divine Feminine wavelength….

With monthly shows exploring the new wave of feminine consciousness that is currently revolutionising our planet, we invite you to immerse in a ‘time out of time’, to tune in, percolate, learn, receive transmissions and to call in with any burning questions.

Our visionary guests will be sharing their wisdom – becoming “soul doulas” for us. Shining the light of their sacred purpose to inspire, gestate, birth, & rebirth our own.

Join us for what is sure to be the juiciest radio frequency yet!

The show is created for women, men, couples, lovers and pioneers!

About Your Radio Host: 

Betsy-HuljevBetsy Hera Huljev is a Birth Sherpa, wisdom keeper, sacred listener, & story-teller. She is passionate about conscious conception, birth journey evolution, sacred union, pod consciousness, & womb awakening. As a Fountain of Life apprentice and mentor, she has devoted her path to remembering, reclaiming, & returning to love. (

Upcoming Guests on the Radio Show

Stay tuned, future shows to be announced …


Listen Now! Download playbacks of previous shows

Listen Now! Click this link to play or download the recording: Peruquois | The Original Essence Power of the Sacred Feminine  from October 21st, 2015

Sacred song enchantress, Peruquois, will shimmy onto our cosmic wombship, sharing her Peruquois 2passionate devotion to the great mother, original innocence, ecstatic living, and her personal path of sacred union between love, soul, & song.  Peruquois invites you to listen to the voice of the sacred feminine, beckoning you to “sing from the depth of your womb…!”

“When a woman gives herself to the source of love her whole body is re-infused with the pure original innocent state of being. It penetrates her body on a cellular level and restores her to her original nature. It reinstates trust in the sisterhood. It unifies the women rather then separating them…It is a great communion of women pulsing together as One Woman, creating a vortex. Peruquois’ vision is to create these vortexes all around the Globe for women to have a direct experience of her original essence.”

“Peruquois is a composer and lyricist expressing the passionate journey of being fully human, longing for the source of love, for total awakening. Originally jazz trained, later integrating native american, indian classical, middle eastern, and electronic flavors to her ‘ear watering’ blend. Pouring silence into sound her voice has a power to stop time and open the floodgates of the mystery. Being constantly branded as ‘Voice of the Sacred Feminine’ & ‘Voice of the Mother Earth’ Peruquois expresses the very feminine soul of sound. Touring the globe since 1997 she is a light shining the way home. Peruquois is the creator of such deep practices as Vocal Yoga, Vocal Tantra and Emotional Cleansing that became a foundation for her potent workshops.”


Listen Now! Click this link to play or download the recording: Dale Allen Hoffman | The Ancient Echo of Bliss

Dale Allen Hoffman will join our frequency to share the “Aramaic Secrets of the Sacred Feminine.” We will dive into the mysteries of Mary Magdalene by exploring her connection with Horus, Osiris, Isis, & Inanna, & uncover the simmering truth about the intentional removal of the Divine Feminine from the original Aramaic & Greek Jeshua (Jesus) teachings. Tune in as we dive into Dale’s blissful body of work, revealing a fertile feminine soil of revelation. Dale’s vision of returning to love through gnosis, sound bathing, and heart bliss will surely set your soul on fire, birthing the soul seeds of what it truly means to live from the bottom of our hearts.

“Dale Allen Hoffman offers a living, breathing vision of the direct, practical application of many 33ijo4oN of Yeshua’s (Jesus) most misunderstood teachings from the ancient Aramaic language in which He spoke them. Dale shares stunning insights from ancient sources including Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic manuscripts about the ‘miraculous’ capacity of the human mind, our inherent Divinity and the awakening consciousness of humanity. Dale’s work brings forth a direct experience of the profound, transformational qualities of consciously intoned ancient and indigenous sounds, tones and languages on activating states of deep Presence and sound healing. Dale’s focus is not simply on the words or languages alone, but rather on the Gnostic experiential core of how to consciously live the world’s great philosophies from the inside out. Dale burns away the veils of religion, theology, linguistics and mythology with the pure intent of revealing the direct, transformational flame at the heart of The Yeshua Teachings.” –


Listen Now! Click this link to play or download the recording: Linda Star Wolf | The Shamanic Way of Birth, Death, & Rebirth

Shaman Linda Star Wolf will comes aboard the “wombship” to share her deep penetrating IMG_4524-m1-.-cout-starwolf-.050111wisdom of “Visionary Shamanism.” She will discuss her sacred purpose & bliss, the sacred role of the visionary, and share tools for activating the visionary archetype within. Star Wolf will dive into the feminine dimension by touching on the important role of the breath, the body, & the womb in awakening the creative spirit.

“The task of the visionary is to tell the truth without blame or judgement. Truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity are essential keys to developing our vision and intuition. We express the Way of the Visionary through personal creativity, goals, plans, and our ability to bring our life dreams and visions into the world. All cultures regard the importance of vision and its capacity to magnetize the creative spirit. Shamanic societies use vision quests, extended periods of solitude in nature, as a way of remembering their life dream and of accessing the four ways of seeing: intuition, perceptions, insight, and vision.” -excerpt from VISIONARY SHAMANISM by Linda Star Wolf


Listen Now! Click this Link for the Archived Recording: June 4th, 2015 | Dr. Rosita Arvigo | Womb as Sastun 

Dr. Rosita Arvigo will join us to discuss her multifaceted work with the womb. She will explore Don Elijio and Rositathe concept of womb awakening by weaving together the ancient wisdom of Maya abdominal massage (The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®), yoni-root steaming, & her own personal journey of following her “wombtuition” to live & share her sacred purpose. We will also infuse the dialogue with the sacred tool of the Maya H’men or Shaman, Sastun (pronounced sas-toon), by excavating it’s relationship & parallel to womb gnosis.

“The Mayan ‘sas’ means light, pure, unblemished, and mirror, while ‘tun’ is stone or age. Together the words can mean Light of the Ages, Stone of the Ages, and Stone of Light, all of which are names for a cherished tool of divination and spiritual power used by Maya H’mens since ancient times.” -Dr. Rosita Arvigo, MY APPRENTICESHIP WITH A MAYA HEALER: SASTUN

The Fountain of Life ‘Follow Your Womb Bliss’ show… 

The Fountain of Life is delighted to share this magical time with you. We invite you to consciously spiral_womancarve out time for self-love by making a cup of your favorite tea, nestling in to your coziest corner, falling in love with the web of light we are weaving together and listening to the call of the feminine with the soothing voice of our show. This show, which we have lovingly entitled “Follow Your Womb Bliss”, is our answer to divine mother’s call to provide a love frequency out to the “wombiverse.” A frequency that will become the divine holding we are each longing for; A big giant squeeze from the great mother. An embrace you will feel through tuning in. A return to the womb where all of our senses intermingle…where we can each truly hear our original voice. The voice that births all. The voice that will guide you towards your divine purpose and calling. Together we will birth a new earth.

We desire to hold sacred womb wave space for all of those interested in or already travelling the evolutionary awakening path of opening to love, sacred union, pod consciousness, and rediscovering the ancient feminine arts and mysteries. We plan to dive into anything and everything related to remembering, reclaiming, & returning to love. Because my dear friends, love is all there is. So here we are opening up to the Universe and letting love in. As Seren Bertrand, co-founder of the Fountain of Life, says, “we are opening with gentle wildness” into the great mystery. Into the unknown. And we desire that each of you will begin to live our show’s deepest question…

How are you following your womb bliss to create and live your sacred purpose?

So you ask, What is womb bliss? What awakens our hearts? What does the return of the feminine and birth of New Earth truly mean? Well…our guests intend to guide us into the shimmering darkness to discover the answer!

About the Fountain of Life:

UnionPicThe Fountain of Life was founded by Dr. Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand, who are evolutionary midwives to the new wave of Womb Consciousness birthing a New Earth. Through their Grail Mystery School, the Fountain of Life, their Womb Awakening teachings have spanned the globe to over 20 countries, touching many thousands of people, and inspiring a worldwide remembrance of Womb Consciousness. (


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