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Faculty & Guest Teachers


We invite you to meet the faculty for the 9 Moon Apprenticeship:


Apprenticeship Faculty

Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand – Founders of Fountain of Life

Dr Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand are evolutionary enchanters and guides, dedicated to helping women awaken their womb power and to assisting the rebirth of the masculine into his true gifts, uniting them in sacred union. Their Womb Awakening teachings have spanned the globe to over 20 countries, touching many thousands of people, and inspiring a worldwide remembrance of Womb Consciousness. Their book ‘Womb Awakening’ is published in summer 2017.

    Aine Caileach Bhearra Womb Healing Divine Feminine

    Aine Cailleach – 9 Moon Apprenticeship Elder

    Aine Cailleach is an Elder Womb Shaman in the Celtic Grail Tradition, who is a midwife of the feminine soul. She is passionate about exploring the darkness of the Underworld, weaving the tapestry of dreams, visions, memories with symbols and archetypes, to find the luminous pearls. Aine is a licensed Psychotherapist working in Mental Health for the past 30 years specializing in Trauma and Addiction. She is also a Certified Yoga Therapist linking breath and body to a therapeutic process.

      Natalie Zukerman – Apprenticeship Online Facilitator

      Natalie is a Shamanic Womb Priestess & Spirit Keeper of the Great Womb. She is a Womb Awakening Teacher Trainer, a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and holds a Diploma in Modern Psychology. Natalie spent 17 years traveling to remote places around the world, devoting herself to learning from the indigenous wisdom traditions of many Shamanic Tribes and Elders.

        Anabel Vizcarra –Assistant Online Facilitator

        Anabel is a facilitator deeply devoted to the alchemy of love, and to awakening into the Truth: That in the presence of love, all else dissolves. She supports people to tenderly offer a healing balm to the fragmented aspects inside, which are clamoring for love and wholeness, opening us into Sacred Union and awakening the Inner Muse. Anabel is has a background in Ayurveda, Shamanic Grail Mysteries and weaves with the Gene Keys.

          Jacqui Ward – Online Courses Facilitator

          Jacqui Ward is a passionate bodyworker and sacred artist, with over 17 years experience in the healing arts including Kahuna bodywork, remedial and pregnancy massage, Reiki and Hot stone Massage. In her practice as a Womb Shamanka she also offers Energy Healing Transmissions, Past Life Regression, and Tibetan Womb Pulsing. With love, compassion and humor Jacqui is committed to sharing tools and inspiration for deep feminine awakening.

            Guest Teachers

            Ani Williams – Temple of the Feminine Arts

            Ani Williams is an Alchemical Sound Priestess, Grail Mystic, author and pilgrimage guide. She is a world-recognized harpist and pioneer in the sound healing arts, who has been a visionary elder in returning the songs of the feminine to the world. Her unique ceremonial music has been shared at sacred sites across the world – including the pyramids of Egypt, and the Black Madonna cathedrals of Europe, rebirthing the Magdalene Mysteries, and the magical priestess arts of ancient Egypt.

              Shakti Malan, Ph.D – Tantric Sacred Sexuality

              Shakti Malan passed from her physical body in 2017, but her beautiful spirit and vision live on through her teachings, some of which she has shared as a part of the FOL 9 Moon Apprenticeship. Shakti was a visionary Tantrika who shared the wisdom-teachings of non-dual body-presence, and helped birth the restoration of the feminine pathways of being, awakening a luscious, sensual engagement with all of life. She was based in South Africa, and taught globally on the art of radical embodiment, and the keys of sacred sexuality as a gateway to a fully lived ‘immaculate consciousness’. Her vital work on Tantric Self-Love is still available through her website and academy, and helps people renew their relationship with their own pristine sexuality.

                Linda Go – The Art of the Death Doula

                Linda Go comes from a Sicilian lineage of seers – called ‘Stregas’. She also completed an 8-year apprenticeship and was initiated in Mexico by curandero, Don Lucio de Campo. Clair-audient since childhood, Linda’s gift for vocalizing healing energy was discovered in 2000 by Huichol and Nahual shamans, when she was recognized as a channel for the ‘songs of the Great Mother’. Through her psychic skills, she works with the art of the death/rebirth doula, guiding people through the “bardo” worlds between earth and celestial realms.

                  Dr Larry Burk – Dreamwork & Miracle Healing

                  Dr. Burk did his medical training at the University of Pittsburgh, and was former associate professor of radiology and director of integrative medicine education at Duke University Medical Center. His pioneering Ted-X talk on healing dreams and cancer was censored, placing him alongside visionaries such as Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock, whose talks about the frontiers of spirit and consciousness were also censored. He is also a Certified Energy Health Practitioner, certified in clinical hypnosis and trained in medical acupuncture.

                    Enchanted Offerings