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remembering-earthWe are walking this Spiral journey together, working as a web, weaving a new way into being…

Fountain of Life’s Womb & Hara Awakening Practitioners have all graduated from an in-depth, Apprenticeship and Teacher Training Program.

Many are experienced Priestesses and Womb Shamans, and have years of additional training in the Feminine Arts – as Doulas, Midwifes, Doctors, Herbalists, BodyWorkers, Healers, Oracles, Psychics, Sacred Dancers, Sound Healers and more.

Many of those listed are also available as Womb/Hara Awakening Mentors, to offer their support to others taking the FOL online courses and journeys. Some also hold in-person Womb Circle Ceremonies, or workshops, in their local area, and offer Womb Awakening Healing Skype / Phone Sessions. Please select a Womb/Hara Awakening Mentor to support you on your journey.*

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Please note that Womb Mentors are guides and support for your Womb Awakening journey, but are not meant to be replacements for seeking advice and treatment from licensed therapists, counsellor or medical doctors. Your emotional and physical wellbeing is your own responsibility and Fountain of Life acts only in the role of spiritual guidance and support.

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