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Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel

Journey through the Grail Womb Cross rose-crossIn 2012, as the Gateway to the Feminine Dimension opened to birth the new wave of feminine consciousness onto earth, Fountain of Life’s Dr Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand experienced an extraordinary communion with the Spirit of the Feminine, known variously as Divine Mother, Sophia, Great Mother Womb. During this intense experience of gnosis they received wisdom on the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel, a sacred pathway into the heart of the Womb. This Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel, an alchemical ‘map’ of an ancient feminine initiatory journey, was symbolized by a Circle and a Cross – representing the Womb of Creation, the throne of primordial innocence. This Medicine Wheel held energetic gateways, which were also ‘songlines’ of the Womb, and could be awakened by 8 primordial mantras in direct Womb gnosis. In the ancient feminine mystery schools, initiates took a journey through 7 ‘gates’ or ‘veils’ of consciousness to reach the heart of creation, the Great Womb. The Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel, an alchemical ‘map’ of this initiatory journey, was symbolized by a Circle and a Cross – representing the Womb of Creation. This sacred symbol, also known as the Tree of Life, dated back to the most ancient of times, across many cultures, from Celtic, Gnostic, Egyptian to Mayan. triple-goddess The stem of the Womb Cross roots us into the Womb of Gaia, and contains the journey through the cyclical seasons and three moons of the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone; then spirals upwards into the vortex arms of the Cross – the spinning wheel of the 4 Elements of creation, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. At the centre point of the Womb Cross is the Grail Rose. This etheric portal to the Cosmic Womb is a filled with pure Love, which heals, dissolves and rebirths all. Journeying through the 8 Grail Gates takes us to the infinity point. This initiatory journey was coded into the titular name ‘Magdalene’ – which means ‘Magic Doorway’, the Womb as a Gateway between the Worlds. This feminine knowledge is also held in the Mandalas used in Tibetan Buddhism and Yogic practices, where the Lotus is symbolic of the Cosmic Womb within.   Pilgrimage through the 8 Grail Gates of the Womb   1st Grail Gate: Maiden/Virgin – Innocence/Renewal Wonder, Rebirth, New Beginnings, Openness, Faith, Optimism, Light.   2nd Grail Gate: Mother/Lover – Ecstasy/Abundance Pleasure, Nurturing, Sensuality, Wild, Giving, Bountiful, Soft Power   3rd Grail Gate: Crone/Initiator – Wisdom/Dissolution Wild Power, Deep Knowing, Truth, Stillness, Soul Merging, Catharsis   4th Grail Gate: Womb Earth Element – Harmony/Life Cycles Primordial Union, Web of Life, Womb of Gaia, Support, Trust, New Earth   5th Grail Gate: Womb Fire Element – Passion/Creativity Shining, Sensuality, Activated, Luscious, Magnetic, Desire, Beauty   6th Grail Gate: Womb Air Element – Inspiration/Conception Clarity, Purity, Peace, Celestial Light, Imagination, Freedom   7th Grail Gate: Womb Water Element – Devotion/Surrender Merging, Flowing, Intuition, Deep Feelings, Receptivity, Prophesy   8th Grail Gate: Cosmic Womb/Divine Mother – Oneness Illumination, Communion, Compassion, Black Light, Pure Love    

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