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Healing Womb ‘Spirit Keeper’ Lyre

Sound Frequency is one of the powerful ways to heal emotional blocks and open gateways in our physical and energetic bodies…

Fountain of Life uses lyre and harp frequency healing in their work, and many Womb Mentors also have personal Womb ‘Spirit Keeper’ Lyres for their own healing practice.

The Fountain of Life’s Lyre maker is a visionary Master-Craftsman who has studied and practiced Rudolph Steiner’s sound healing principles for over 40 years, and crafts unique instruments tuned to different healing frequencies.

Together, we have co-created a powerful healing instrument that resonates with the Frequency of the Sacred Feminine, and the Sound of the Womb. Each Lyre is uniquely hand-crafted to reflect your personal harmonic Womb resonance.

It can be used either for personal healing journeys, or to open dimensional doorways to access altered states of ecstatic feminine consciousness.

The Womb Lyre

Made out of a sacred wood that resonates with the frequency of your Womb, this healing lyre is tuned to the frequency of the Great Womb – its deeply magical resonance opens sexual gateways, and awakens the Womb/Hara portal and connects it to the Cosmic Womb. It can be used for personal healing, or in Sacred Relating, in the Grail tradition of ‘serenading’ and ‘sounding’ the Womb and Her gateways open into orgasmic, multi-dimensional Sacred Union. Its subtle and tender sounds can also help feel and release deep grief and sadness from the Womb. It can also help clear and heal any dis-ease in the reproductive organs.

It also connects Grail Knights to a lineage of male wisdom, which held the loving power to Activate the Womb with the Songs of Love that honor the Feminine.

Spirit Keeper of the Womb: Using Lyre in Your Sacred Practice

~ You can play the Womb Lyre to help heal Womb or menstrual dis-ease

~ You can play the Womb Lyre over your Womb to awaken Feminine frequencies

~ You can play the Womb Lyre to enter altered states of Feminine Consciousness

~ You can offer Womb Lyre meditations to others in group Womb Circles

~ You can offer Womb Lyre recitals to facilitate shamanic dances of ecstasy

~ You can use the Womb Lyre in your personal Sacred Union rituals

~ Your beloved can play the Womb Lyre to awaken your Womb Grail Gates

The design process unfolds through a series of skype consultations with the Master-Craftsman, who is based in the UK, which is a healing journey of its own as the lyre begins to ‘call’ to you. You can choose the number of strings, and also if you wish to have either a Swan or a labyrinth carved into the instrument.


Ordering Your Shamanic Womb Lyre

For questions, inquiries, and details – please email Jo directly (not Fountain of Life). Jo’s email is

A Seven stringed Pentatonic Lyre that contains the Womb Awakening tuning, and that also sounds in harmony with general meditative lyre playing, inclusive of a velvet bag, tuning key and instructions on tuning, care and maintenance of the instrument costs £150 + postage & packing.

If you would like a Labyrinth carved on the back of this instrument it costs an extra £ 50.  I feel that the Labyrinth is a very important motif to have on the lyre for meditative work before playing the instrument. It is not a must, but good to have the inner connection to the Spiral Path inherent in Womb Awakening, and to benefit from the resonant fields held within the labyrinth.

Anyone wanting a personally co-created prescription Womb Awakening lyre with individual design and stringing up to ten strings, plus the carving of the Labyrinth on the back and the Swan motif carved on the inside of the sound bowl, that includes a velvet bag,tuning key and instructions on care and maintenance of the instrument will cost £300 + post & packing.

Requests for larger lyres will be costed according to the individual requirements.

The Womb Lyre sings….

The Message received by FOL on first hearing the Womb Lyre shares echoes of the Cathar prophecy, spoken by a 13th Century Cathar troubador, that….

After 700 years the Laurel will become green and we will come back…

“There is a feeling so deep, so essential, held in the fathomless depths of the Feminine, that you can burn it a million times at the stake…and you will never extinguish it…it is the same force by which even the greatest city, the most powerful civilisation will fall to ruin and be reclaimed by nature in time, dissolved completely by the Living tendrils of fresh green shoots, in Innocence renewed…”

No musical knowledge is necessary to play the Lyre, the instruments are simple, intuitive and easy to play with shamanic awareness. They will take you on a journey and be a guide and guardian for you and awaken many gifts.

Each Lyre is individually handcrafted so it may take a few months from placing your order to receiving the instrument. And no one instrument is exactly the same. The Lyres can be shipped internationally all across the world.

What people are saying:

“The creation of my lyre was filled with magic, innocence and serendipity. It was a true co-creation of energy. The first Skype conversation I had with Jo, I talked about my mother and her Alzheimer’s. In that moment, tears welled up in my eyes and I said I am remembering who I am and she is forgetting who she is. There was a transfer of energy between remembering and forgetting, he told me I should play the lyre for her. And as soon as it arrived I played it for her. She drifted into a slumber along with 3 others in the room. They all opened their eyes at the same time wondering what had just happened. The energy and vibration of mending the wound of separation that started the creation of the lyre came full circle around in the living room”

~ A FOL Womb Mentor

  “As a classically trained medical doctor, as well as an energy worker and spiritual guide, I have worked with over 25,000 people in every aspect of healing, from the physical to the soulful. One of the primary planetary movements is a return to what we would call feminine or womb consciousness, an evocation of the deep psychic forces within each of us that have the ability to heal and strengthen us, or conversely, when out of balance can cause dis-ease. The enchanting sound of the Lyre is one of the most direct ways to access and shift consciousness into a resting, relaxed state, with its beautiful overtones finding their way into every corner of the body, soul and psyche. My wife and I have directly observed many dozens of people achieve deep healing states, and at times oracular states, through the use of the lyre, much in the same way as was observed in the ancient mystery schools and Moon Colleges of antiquity. The sound of the lyre has played a key role in the physical and psychic healing and balancing of many of our students and clients.”

~ Azra Bertrand, MD, co-author “Pilgrimage into the Womb”, co-creator of “Sacred Sounds of the Womb” CD

SacredUnionLyre, Azra and Seren Bertrand

SwanLyre LabyrinthLyre

SwanLyre LabyrinthLyre



Artist Credits (in order of appearance): 

John William Godward ‘Erato at her Lyre’ (public domain)

Lyre crafting courtesy of Jo Crutchfield