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Hawaii 2017 Womb Awakening Retreat


Are you Called to enter the Temple of the Feminine Arts?

We invite you to join us for a 9-Day Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat + Pilgrimage in the luscious feminine surrounds of the Big Island Hawaii, for an intensive feminine soul-awakening & enchanted journey into the magical feminine arts of healing and womb-centered embodiment.

Our time together will be deeply experiential, giving you a living imprint of a feminine way of being – accompanied by sacred womb practices, sound healing, dance, harp, ceremony, shadow alchemy, breathwork, and transformational explorations to awaken and activate your Shakti.

We will also pilgrimage to connect to the Spirit of the Land and to honor and play with the Dragon Elements of Fire and Water, visiting Mother Pele and a magical Yoni cave. This is a sacred place to connect to one of the most profound Grail Chakras of Gaia and awaken your natural Womb Power.





Studying in a Moon College gives you a grounded immersion into the ancient feminine mystery teachings of the Womb, combined with the latest scientific & alchemical keys for inner rebirth. You will learn about the Womb Mysteries and gain the sacred tools you need to create deep and sustained transformation in your life, to walk the Path of Shakti, and to thrive in your Sacred Vocation as a Spirit Keeper of the Womb, offering a Magic Doorway to others on their healing journey.

If you choose to combine this with the Fountain of Life online 9-Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship, you will also graduate as a certified Mentor of the FOL Womb Awakening teachings, and be eligible to join our Graduate Program – where a vibrant worlwide community of souls gather together to inspire and support each other on their path.

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Set in the luscious feminine landscape of the Big Island of Hawaii, our retreat facility has 150 acres of beautiful land by the beach, hottub, sauna, swimming pool and onsite massage therapists. This will be a time not only to activate your Shakti energy, but also to nourish and renew yourself in beautiful, supportive surroundings.


This retreat is facilitated by Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand, founders of The Fountain of Life, and authors of Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life (Inner Traditions 2017).

Through their international Grail Mystery School, The Fountain of Life, their Womb Awakening teachings have spanned the globe to over 30 countries, in 6 continents of the world, profoundly touching many thousands of people, and inspiring a worldwide remembrance of Womb Consciousness and the sacred wisdom of Grail Shamanism. For more information click here:

The retreat will also be supported by Assistant Facilitators Natalie Zuckerman, Jacqui Ward, Ulrike Remlein and Alexandra Lehman.


Exchange:: $2,188
Deposit:: $666


This retreat is open to women, men and couples – partial scholarships may be available for couples, please email us for details.

For more information about the retreat, you can reach us through our contact page.

For more information about the online Apprenticeship click here:

Note: You can attend this in-person retreat as a ‘stand alone’ without taking an Online Apprenticeship

We look forward to journeying with you

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