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Miami Circle: Womb of the World Gateway

The Miami Circle

In the heart of Miami – known as “Big Water” – lives an ancient time portal into the land of the Ancestors…. 

On the Virgo full moon, we stepped through a magical portal back in time to the land of the Mayaimi aboriginal peoples of southeastern Florida – this dimensional “entry way” to the Womb of the World, is encircled by the consciousness of the dolphins and the sea creatures that once swam within the dreamtime of the human heart.

The night before our pilgrimage, a perfectly round full moon hung over the Miami skyline—a city reaching up for the stars, whilst forgetting its roots within the fertile wet earth. Fast cars, condos and street lights, created over the past 50 years, are watched over by the ancient moon mother, almost 5 billion years old, who has seen many man-made civilizations rise and fall under the cosmic gaze of her light.

Driving through the middle of crazy downtown Miami, it seemed so unlikely that we were approaching a sacred indigenous site. We knew we had to open ourselves to the hidden dimension of consciousness beneath the superficial layer of man-made creations. Our destination was the Mayaimi Stone Circle (the “Miami Circle” at Brickell Point), a prehistoric ceremonial circle discovered in 1998 under a building demolition in the heart of the city. Some legends say its discovery was an ‘Apocalypse switch’ – a menstrual portal ushering in a new cycle on earth.

The Jewel Blue Gateway

Miami Circle from above

The Mayaimi Circle stands at the mouth of the Miami River, bizarrely but perfectly snuggled in between towering downtown skyscrapers, where it meets the protected jewel blue waters of the Bay of Biscayne on its way into the great Atlantic Ocean.

It is a perfect 38 foot ceremonial circle carved into the Florida limestone bedrock at least 2,000 years ago (some archeologists say 10,000 years ago), by a people out of time, living in a water world dreaming.

The circle is lined by twenty-four carved basins, which some researchers believe are shaped as the totem animals of the region—shark, dolphin, turtle, crocodile, whale, manatee and others.

Found buried within the ceremonial circle was the full skeleton of a shark marking the east-west axis of the site, a complete sea turtle shell, and dolphin skull, as well as finely crafted ceremonial black basalt axes originating 600 miles away.

In addition to the twenty-four larger basins, hundreds of smaller “post holes” were carved into the rock. Some archeologists speculate these were used as a type of astronomical calendar, anchoring standing stones or other posts that marked celestial events, analogous to Stonehenge of Britain.

When we arrived at the circle we first went to the waters edge to pay our respects to the Mother. We then opened our hearts, and began to tune into the unseen dimension of reality that the first peoples called the Real World, the hidden world of energy behind surface forms.

Immediately we were greeted by guardians of the site, archaic humans with broad faces and ceremonial paint who appeared more like Neanderthals than modern humans. A man let us know how to honor and open the site, singing in the spirits of the human and animal ancestors, circling in the direction of the sun, giving offerings at the eastern point of sunrise, and the western point of sunset, and finally the south and north. An old woman then appeared who looked us in the eyes to silently transmit deeper layers of energy and information. She said, “The earth is menstruating again, her fertility will be reborn.”

Dolphins, Dragons and World Navels

For thousands of years this ceremonial circle has been the spirit keeper of the southeastern tip of North America. It is a “world navel” or direct portal into the Womb of the World that acts as a gateway or bridge of consciousness between the land peoples and the sea creatures, between the salt and sweet waters, and between earth and other dimensions – also connected to other “world navel” sites across the globe, whose threads hold the world together in a dreaming web of Gaia’s consciousness.

The site is located at a meeting of the great waters and at a very activated node within the earth’s dragon grids, which served to amplify the power of shamanic inter-dimensional and interspecies communication and co-creativity. It was a spiritual telecommunication center where shamanic “calls” could be placed to whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other animal ancestors, who worked together with the humans to sing life into being.

The Mayaimi point is also home to an ancient Water Dragon, one of primordial mothers of creation whose subterranean stirrings could cause great upheavals at times, and who was directly linked to the creation and destruction of Atlantis.

Despite the march of time, and all the changes of the modern world, the earth magic at this site is as potent as ever. We need only glide our fingertips across the veils to touch the soul of the world, as she patiently awaits our invitation to flood her consciousness back into our lives like the incoming tide.

The Legacy of Big Water

The history of this aboriginal circle is as beautiful as it is devastating. For thousands of years the first peoples of the Americas lived relatively unchanged in this enchanted land of Mayaimi, or “Big Water”, the namesake of the now massive city of Miami with its 6 million inhabitants and unearthly cityscape and beach parties. Only 100 years ago, fewer than 500 people lived in this sacred water world wilderness.

The Watson Brake Native American Mound Complex, c. 3500 BCE

Like the Mississippian cultures, the south Florida indigenous peoples sculpted the land into a living ceremonial landscape of sacred earthworks, mounds, embankments, pyramids, canals and pools, often taking the form of sacred womb circles, but also in the shape of humans, animal or dream figures. Crescent shaped moon pools reflected the soft nighttime glow of moonlight and the Milky Way, and were likely used in lustral bathing rituals similar to those found throughout the ancient world. The power of lunar-ray infused waters mirrored the Divine Womb.

From the beginning of time, earth peoples lived in harmony with this land until the coming of the Europeans, and the ensuing cultural and ecological devastation that followed. The last members of the Tequesta tribe who lived here were driven off the land in the late 1700’s—many killed and sold into slavery, with a small band fleeing to safety in Cuba. Villages burned, families were destroyed, the old ways forgotten.

When the indigenous peoples left, the Mayaimi Circle ceremonial site was nearly lost, lying hidden and buried beneath several feet of soil. But in 1998 it was rediscovered during a routine archeological survey for the building of a luxury high-rise condominium complex, which attracted nationwide attention. A massive legal battle began to preserve the site, and due to the heroics of many earth protectors within both the government and the general public, the state of Florida eventually bought the land to put it under preservation where it can be visited today.

Maya Civilization in the Americas

We percolated on the power of this site, and its resonance with the Yucatan, and asked if the Mayaimi circle was of Mayan origin? The circle is architecturally unique, being the only structure carved directly into bedrock on the entire east coast of America, and in many ways it is more reminiscent of the stone working technologies of the Maya, or perhaps an even older culture of the descendants of Atlantis.

Is it a coincidence that the name Maya-imi is so close to that of the Maya, who lived in the region of Mayam, the indigenous civilization located just 300 miles away, across the Gulf of Mexico, at the time that the Mayaimi Circle was being built? Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many mainstream archeologists still mistakenly believe that indigenous cultures such as these could not have had contact with each other, because they did not possess the sea-faring skills to navigate across large bodies of water.

The Yucatan Maya were the most powerful and influential culture of the region exactly because they were accomplished mariners and traders, their trade routes spanning the width and breadth of Mesoamerica and the Gulf of Mexico. Jade artifacts from the Guatemala Maya have been found as far as the island of Antigua, 1,700 miles away. Maize, the staple crop of the Maya, was first found in North America amongst the Mayaimi and related tribes of southeast Florida. How did it arrive? It had to have been brought across by Maya traders.

One Maya group was the Itza Maya, and several towns in Florida and Georgia are called Itsate or Itzate, meaning the “Itza Place”. Another town in Florida is “Uquetan”, a variant spelling of Yucatan. One of the only five-sided Native American sacred mounds outside of Maya lands is found at the Etowah Mounds archeological site of Georgia, just north of Florida. And this is just the tip of a very big iceberg of Mayan cultural influence still found in North America. (Daniels, 2011)

Sacred Waters of the Womb of Gaia

Maya Cenote in Valladolid, Yucatan Peninsula

Another link between the Maya and the Mayaimi lies in their profound reverence for the Waters of Life, the fresh water springs and rivers that sustain life on Earth. Some of the most important sacred sites of the Yucatec Maya, including the pyramid complex of Chichen Itza, were built on top of cenotes—sacred fresh water caverns and rivers extending deep into the earth, the original temples and places of worship. And, just as the name Mayaimi meant “Big Water”, so did the Mayan word Lakamha, the original name given to the famous temple city of Palenque, mean “Big Water”.

Southeastern Florida is truly a water world. Stunning turquoise oceans surround the peninsula on all sides. But this only one part of the story – underneath the entire state, as well as parts of Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama is the Floridan Aquifer, one of the most important fresh water aquifer systems in the world. This hidden waterworld is more than 100,000 square miles in size, and in places extends down into the earth to a depth of more than 3,000 feet, with vast underground lakes, caverns and rivers hidden to eyes of its surface dwellers.

Few modern inhabitants of Florida realize that the seemingly solid limestone ground under their feet is just a thin roof overlying one of the greatest underwater cave systems on the earth, buoyed up by the hidden waters flowing beneath.

More than any other region of the U.S., Florida is gifted with an abundance of mineral-rich and crystal clear freshwater springs and pools that bubble up to the surface from this immense subterranean aquifer, opening like mysterious passageways that lead down into the center of the earth, where, unseen, they all interconnect in a vast network of underground rivers and pools. They are truly the veins and arteries of the earth, the sacred “womb waters” of Gaia, and the lifeblood of the plants and animals above who depend upon them for their survival.

Calling of the Songlines of the Sea 

To our ancestors the Mayaimi Circle was a guardian temple of the sacred waterways, honoring them as the fountain of life, the liquid feminine essence of the earth that allowed humans and animals to live on her surface—and without which we could not survive. To pollute or disrespect them was a threat to life itself.

This sacred portal offers us an invitation to harmonize ourselves with the resonance of the ancient earth and her peoples, to honor the water of life, so we can remember who we truly are, and what is being asked of us in this time of great change.

During our time in Miami – Big Water – we had been intuitively feeling other nodes on the world “womb web”, other water chakras – such as Hawaii and Australia.

A friend had also given us a film to watch – Whaledreamers, a documentary about the remembrance and revival of the ancient tradition of communicating with the spirit of the sea creatures, as practiced by tribes such as the original peoples of Australia.

On our last night, at a restaurant overlooking the swaying waters of the harbor, the waiter found us before we left to say he felt called to show us a video on his iphone.

It was footage of him swimming with a wild pod of dolphins in Hawaii….

It felt like the Dolphins had heard our prayers through the songlines of the sea.

Water is the creator of life, and a memory keeper and wisdom transmitter.

When we listen to her ebb and flow, the secrets of the world sing out to us….

~ by Azra Bertrand 

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Photo Credits:

Miami Circle by Marc Averette [CC BY 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Miami Circle aerial by EduardoValle [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Watson Brake by Herb Roe [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Cenote by F. Emert, Flickr

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