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Sacred Womb Rituals E-book

We invite you into the Temple of the Feminine Arts….

Sacred Womb Rituals Ebook Fountain of Life

Lovingly crafted, infused with moonlight and womb blessings, the ‘Sacred Womb Rituals’ E-book, by Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand, is a magical journey that invites you to make your life into a luscious Feminine Temple.

This gramarye of feminine body wisdom includes 85+ pages of lovingly-crafted rituals, ceremonies and inspiration, charting the cyclical feminine gifts, along with recipes for herbal preparations, teas, crystal essences and aromatic oils to support your explorations into the mystical feminine pathways, applied to your daily life.


Sacred Womb Rituals E-book ($13)

(plus a gift of Lunar Water Bowl Audio Meditation set to beautiful music)

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In this enchanting E-book you will be guided to create sacred Womb Space, tune into the feminine cycles, and use ritual to awaken your own feminine creative power.

Across all the ancient shamanic and spiritual traditions it was known that a woman’s womb was the embodiment of the Womb of the Universe. Because of this, women’s womb cycles were considered to be incredibly sacred and powerful. The womb could not only conceive and birth babies, and die and be reborn in a monthly cycle, it could also conceive and birth creations, visions, ideas, messages from Spirit world, and it could help heal and rebirth humanity.

Priestesses, womb shamans and midwife-shamans across many cultures were famed for their abilities to heal, renew and bless their tribes with the essence of life force – often called the Fountain of Life, Shakti, Holy Spirit, or the Holy Grail.

Sacred womb rituals were the heart of an embodied mystical teaching that was known variously as the Women’s Mysteries, Moon Mysteries, Womb Mysteries, or Blood Mysteries when it referred to the sacred powers of the menstrual cycle.

Sacred womb rituals help us to remember the deep power that lives within us, and imbue us with the cosmic magic of the Womb of Creation in our daily lives.

As we embody our divine femininity, steeped in the rich nurturing soil of Mother Earth, flowing with the wisdom of her rivers, wild with the whispers of the winds, dancing with the passion of fire, we become at one with soft power. This incredible nurturing compassion, that is also fully alive and sensual, has the power to heal all hurts – for the softest touch reaches to the deepest places. 

This was the wisdom of the Lady of the Lake and her sacred Womb Priestesses, guardians of the sacred wells, the lakes, and the fountains of feminine essence.”

Testimonials of Love

‘Sacred Womb Rituals is a gorgeous, rich, nourishing feminine delight! As soon as I started reading it I felt transported back into the Ancient Moon Temples, a place of sacred dance, ritual, scents and sounds, a deep honouring of the feminine and womb wisdom. Each word is infused with enchanting magical potential as we rebirth this feminine way of being into the world. Thank you for this gift of re-membering.’ Louisa Williams, UK

‘What a treasure trove of delightful ancient feminine wisdom that has been passed on here in the Sacred Womb Rituals Book. I discovered so many nourishing and magical Rituals that I can easily begin right away. I got the e-book printed and its beautiful. I highly recommend this hearty manual for honouring the moon cycles and the sacred feminine within.’ Jacqui Ward, Australia

‘The e-book ‘Sacred Womb Rituals’ contains so much precious ancient wisdom and juicy inspiration and allows you to connect and nourish your womb in many different ways. It is an ‘almanac’ of womb wisdom and sacred rituals. Whether you are already familiar with or new to the ‘Way of the Womb’, you will find gems and treasures in this magical book for sure. Enjoy!’ Ulrike Remlein, Germany

“I found this offering from The Fountain of Life to be beautifully written and designed. With numerous gorgeous rituals to be found inside it is very easy to take some time to put together a sacred womb ritual practice or simply go with the flow and use the rituals as needed. As a busy home schooling parent of 2, Sacred Womb Rituals helps me to stay connected to my body, awaken my womb and inner knowing as well as engage in self love and pampering. Go on, take the journey within and meet your womb power!” Jade Allingham, Australia

The Sacred Womb Rituals book is an incredible resource for women that want to nourish their feminine soul. It is the medicine that we all need to embody to reclaim the power of the the Sacred Feminine and her deep mysteries, and birth it back into our world today. A must read for all women who wish to awaken the Sacred Feminine within. Beautifully composed by Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand. An easy guide and journey into the Womb, to reclaim her power, and bringing it back to the source of where it all begins.’ Nat Love, Australia

The E-book features beautifully inspired artwork by Jo Jayson (, and practical herbal wisdom from Womb Priestess and qualified herbalist Jasmin Fern Eliana Starweaver (

And, a Gift! Lunar Water Bowl Meditation

Sacred Womb Rituals E-book ($13)

(plus a gift of Lunar Water Bowl Audio Meditation set to beautiful music)

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Love and Blessings of the Womb ~ We Hope You Enjoy the Journey,

Azra and Seren Bertrand