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Solar Eclipse – The Lion & the Mermaids

“Helen; a Mermaid” by Edward Burne Jones (c) Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust

“A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.” ~Sabian Astrological Symbol for this Leo solar eclipse.

We are about to experience a Solar Eclipse that is a portal to a paradigm shift.

On the waves of lunar consciousness, come the rise of the Mermaids, the feminine water bearers of wisdom, and the awakening of the fiery heart of the Lion into his passion.

The total Solar Eclipse in Leo, on August 21st, 2017 is an extremely potent astrological event that heralds the return of mystical feminine consciousness and the rebirth of the ancient Mermaid priestesses. In every sense, the Moon is about to eclipse the Sun.

The burning heat of the hyper-masculine paradigm is about to be tamed by love.

It is a Gateway of the Grail.

Sacred Union of the Moon and the Sun 

The Sabian astrological symbol for this 29’ Leo eclipse is, “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form,” revealing that spirit of the mermaid priestesses is embodying and returning to the planet after a long and difficult absence. Women are remembering their power, and their feminine divinity. Above all, this eclipse is a gateway of feminine activation, transmitting the energetic codes that will help women awaken to the mystical power of their wombs, and rebirth the ancient priestess arts.

This eclipse is also a gateway of sacred union. Powerful masculine and feminine symbols are conjoined: the sun with the moon; and the feminine Aquarius, bearing her watery womb chalice, with the masculine lion of Leo. The brightest star in the constellation of Leo is Regulus, the “heart of the lion” and one of the four Royal Stars that serve as guardians of the night sky. Leo represents the spiritual purification of the masculine heart, and is a vision keeper of the highest frequencies of love in action, one that honors and protects the feminine – the Lion of Love.

by Kim Krans, from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Tarot

Divine Feminine Mermaids & Lions of Love 

Back in 2016, I [Azra] had a vivid dream, which I now understand to be a foreshadowing of this important Eclipse. I was in a majestic forest, with cathedrals of trees reaching up to the skies. The forest extended to the edge of a cliff, before dropping down into a beautiful bay below. I could sense the presence of mermaids in the waters, as well as ancient whales, turtles and dolphins swimming in these waters of life. But I could also feel a danger approaching, and that the creatures within it needed to be protected.

Out of my peripheral vision I sensed a movement in the woods. Looking up, I saw a group of white lions bounding toward me from a distance, emanating an energy of wild power. A wave of fear washed through as I understood they were coming for me– my rational mind said “run!”, but in my heart I knew I needed to commune with these beings.

As they neared me, the white lions slowed to a trot and gracefully approached. The lead male lion looked with deep intensity into my eyes and began communicating to me telepathically. “You are here to remind women that they are mermaids. You must help them remember. The fate of our earth depends on it. Do you understand?”

I nodded, communicating that I clearly understanding their message. The white lion held my gaze for a few more moments, before bounding off again into the woods. My entire being was charged with purpose – my mission was to help awaken the mermaids.

This confirmed what I already knew; Men are also an essential part of the fabric of this grand shift, with a powerful sacred purpose of their own as protectors of the Grail of Life.

Eclipses Are Celestial Gateways 

Throughout time, people have known the power and significance of Total Eclipses. Solar Eclipses always bring powerful shifts in consciousness. They are celestial gateways that mark the end of one era and beginning of the next. This 2017 eclipse is especially potent, as it brings in the next wave of evolution since the long-prophesied 2012 sacred feminine birthing portals opened to simultaneously end multiple Great Cycles; including a 66 million year evolutionary age, a 26,000 year precessional age, and the 2000 year age of Pisces, as the earth now moves into the sign of Aquarius, the feminine Water Bearer.

During this eclipse the New Moon will completely obscure the light of the midday sun, casting her primordial lunar darkness along a path extending from one coast of America to the other. Energetically this represents the rise of the mystical feminine lunar consciousness, bringing balance to the earth after a long period of patriarchal solar domination. It is an inherently intense time, a time of spiritual death and rebirth. Significantly, a total Solar Eclipse was recorded nearly 2,000 years ago, at the exact moment that Yeshua (Jesus), the “Lion of Judah”, spiritually died and rebirthed through the womb cross / Tree of Life of the feminine.

A Total Eclipse of the Womb

In an amazing synchronicity, our Womb Awakening book was conceived during the 2012 cosmic portal of the sacred feminine, and is now being birthed during this total Solar Eclipse gateway. We first began writing in earnest during our time living in Cornwall, near the Zennor Mermaid – and the book is a modern-day mystery text encoding the lost teachings of the Womb Priestesses, also known as the Mermaids, Sirens, or Magdalenes.

The Womb Awakening book remembers the resurrection rituals of the mermaid priestesses, with symbolic messages to help women and men awaken to the mystical lunar consciousness of the Womb and the Grail codes of creation. It could not have been more perfectly orchestrated with these greater celestial movements if we had tried, and looking back, we can see very clearly that there was a greater current of energy flowing through, coordinating it all in a way that was beyond our understanding at the time. 

Our deepest desire is to help midwife the rebirth of the Mermaids.

The world needs a miracle right now, and that miracle will birth through you.

May the Moon and the Sun be One.


  • Sit in Womb meditation and ask what 3 things you are birthing
  • Sit in Womb meditation and ask what 3 things you are dissolving
  • Write an Eclipse “Vision Statement” for your life and the world
  • Make sure you hold a sacred energy for the 2 hours around the Eclipse
  • Make sure you are not in environments that trigger your/or other’s shadow
  • If you can, craft a Womb Medicine Pouch to store your written intentions
  • Place pictures of Mermaids or White Lions on your Altar/Social Media/Screen
  • Recite the Womb PriestessVow/Sacred Man Vow in the main Eclipse window

Article by Azra Bertrand, co-founder

Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life is now available to buy on Amazon worldwide and in selected local retailers.

The official book launch celebration, Queenship of Mary, is on August 22nd, featuring a livestreaming video talk by Dr Azra and Seren Bertand, an artwork giveaway, and musical performance by the beautiful kirtan band Earth. CLICK HERE FOR INFO OR  TO REGISTER






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