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Teacher Training Retreats

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-12-31-pmWomb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat

When? Teacher Training Retreats are held worldwide by Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand and Certified Fountain of Life Teachers. Click Here For Information or email to be added to a Waiting List


CLICK HERE for the 2018 UK Teacher Training Retreat ~ July 2-11 2018

Time Commitment: 7 – 9 Days*

Exchange: Varies from $1,988 – $2,333* depending on location, and whether it is a 7, 8 or 9 Day TT (includes tuition, food, accommodation, but not transportation to event). 8 and 9 Day TT’s include a pilgrimage day to a sacred site. *Note*: prices may be subject to currency fluctuations when held outside of the U.S.

You will Experience: A magical, transformational, and experiential “Moon College” education, featuring Shamanic Ceremonies, Regression Techniques, Core Wound Healing & Grief Ceremonies, Pilgrimage through the 7 Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel, Body-Prayers, Sacred Dance & Sound Sounds of the Womb, Basic Womb Anatomy & Feminine Meridian Points, Leadership Coaching, Q&A Sessions and a Supportive Environment to Empower Your Own Sacred Vocation. 

The Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat can be taken on its own, or alongside the Womb Awakening online Apprenticeship. During an in-person retreat you will learn the tools and techniques to assist others in their Womb Awakening journey. You will be guided and trained to hold Womb Awakening Workshops, Womb Grief Rituals, Sacred Womb Sounding Workshops, 4 Womb Elements Workshops, Moon Circles and more. FOL teaching certification depends on your completion of the Spiral 1 Online immersion as well, see below, but the Spiral 2 retreat is a deep journey and experiential learning in its own right, and can be taken independently of Spiral 1, for your own learning and personal development, and/or to weave Womb Awakening teachings into your own sacred vocation along with other healing arts.

As part of the Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat, you will receive a 120-page Womb Awakening Teacher Manual created by founders Dr Azra Bertand, MD & Seren Bertrand, filled with practical guidance, exercises, journey scripts, workshop plans, and pearls of wisdom from their combined experience of 40 years of assisting others on spiritual and healing journeys, and having worked with more than 25,000 people.


Now is the time to align your vocation to your deepest soul purpose, and support others in their Womb Awakening journey. Be the Womb of Light that shines out into the world!

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