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Founders – Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand

“Here is the deepest secret nobody knows, (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)” ~ EE Cummings.

Azra Seren LOVE Sacred Marriage

Dr Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand are award-winning authors and soul enchanters, dedicated to the rebirth of the feminine mysteries and to remembering the earth-honoring, womb-centric, wisdom traditions of shamanic and sacred feminine lineages from across the world. Through storytelling, spiritkeeping, music and visionary journeying, they create space for the emergence of our radiant, embodied ecology of love. 

Azra Bertrand, MD graduated from Duke University School of Medicine, and has a degree in bio-chemistry. He has been a pioneering doctor and mystic for 20 years, helping more than 20,000 people to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. He was born into a lineage of healers, including physicians to the German Royal Court in Renaissance Europe. 

Seren Bertrand is a Awenydd, a storyteller, spiritkeeper and energetic midwife of the Feminine Mysteries. She has immersed herself in Feminine Wisdom practices for over a fifteen years; including Tantric Dance, Kriya Yoga and Seiki Soho (healing through the Life-Force). She was also nominated for an Amnesty International Award for Human Rights Reporting, writing on female Tibetan refugees. Her greatest soul calling is the remembrance of our feminine wisdom traditions. 

9781591432791Their groundbreaking book, ‘Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life’ (Inner Traditions) was released during the Solar Eclipse portal on August 22nd 2017, and won the prestigious Nautilus Silver 2017 Award in the category of Women, and well as the 2018 International Book Award, and is available at all good book sellers and online at Amazon and inner

Praise for the book:

An extraordinary book that is both a revelation and a priceless shamanic guide to the Divine Wisdom of the Feminine — obliterated and obfuscated by patriarchal religion for five millennia: a wondrous, generous, astonishing, deeply researched and utterly extraordinary gift to women and men who are searching for the true meaning of the Holy Grail and the deeper purpose of their lives on this planet.” Anne Baring

Seren and Azra live in the Ancient Mother Mountains of Appalachia, with their two cat-guides Merlin and Lyra, and devote their lives to opening deeper into Union and love.

The journey of Sacred Marriage and intimate relationship is their greatest teacher, and fills them with joy and divine purpose.

Azra Bertrand, MD

Aged 19, Dr Bertrand journeyed round the world immersing himself on an awakening soul voyage, living with an indigenous tribe in the deep forests of Indonesia accessible only by canoe, meeting with nomadic tribes, studying with a shaman-priest in Bali, and finally leaving the civilized world for months, living in the wilds of Alaska to be initiated by the primal energies of Gaia and to receive his calling from Divine Mother…read more

Azra then studied bio-chemistry as an undergraduate, with an interest in modern physics, going on to take his medical degree at Duke University, a top medical school in the USA. After spending 7 years in formal medical training, he worked with the power of consciousness and dark field microscopy, to explore the magical healing potentials that we all contain, with many success stories that modern medicine would call ‘miracle cures’.

Drawn to alternative medicine and cutting-edge alchemical science and research, his studies extended from family and relationship psychotherapy to neuro-science and clinical hypnosis – where he was trained in the power of the subconscious mind and the miracle of ‘mind over matter’ by Holly Forester-Miller PhD, who herself underwent major abdominal surgery under hypnosis without any anesthetic, with live footage documented on publicly available videos. He was also mentored by Larry Burk, M.D., author of a scientific study and book of how people can self-diagnose medical illness through dreams.

He also spent a year engaged in primary research at the National Institute of Health Primate Center (NIH), observing primate behavior and its relation to the neuro-endocrine system, which gave him some unique insights into human behavior, the healing of early life trauma and the radical potential of the return of Womb Consciousness to heal the world.

During his time as Chief Resident at a hospital in California in 2004, he taught resident doctors concepts and practices of Spiritual Midwifery, as advocated by the natural birth pioneer Ina Mae Gaskin, and also served as an advocate for and helped to establish a new doula program – which was considered revolutionary and radical at the time. After attending over 150 births, he felt deeply that women should be empowered in their birth experiences – and that birth was a mystical and profoundly sacred initiation for both mothers and fathers, that should be honored.

Using many therapeutic modalities, from allopathic to energy medicine and spiritual healing, he has helped more than twenty thousand patients heal over fifteen years, including witnessing breast cancers going into spontaneous remission, and patients ‘regrowing’ heart tissue in a way orthodox medicine classes as impossible, using cutting edge treatments that work with the regenerative power of our cellular Life Force.

In his quest to help restore vitality and radiance to people, he immersed in studying Core Energetics for 4 years, including a 2 year teacher training course. This form of body-based psychotherapy was pioneered by Dr John Pierrakos, MD, a student of Wilhelm Reich – author of ‘The Function of the Orgasm’, a peer of Carl Jung, and pioneer of somatic therapy, which helps to shift trauma and emotional blocks stored in the body, known as ‘body-armoring’. Dr Bertrand knew this was a huge key in embodying consciousness and Shakti power at a cellular level, and healing negative pathways in the psyche.

Dr Bertrand also studied at the Oneness university in India with Sri Bhagavan Kalki, where he took 1st and 2nd level training and gave hundreds of deeksha energy transmissions – also known as shaktipat. He also studied Reiki levels 1 – 3 to immerse in the power of energy healing, and was invited by John of God to observe and study his energy healing techniques in Brazil, which are famous for facilitating miraculous healings in some of his patients.

Interested in the healing potential of nutrition, Dr Bertrand also trained in macrobiotic nutrition at the Kushi Institute, as well as in raw food nutrition. He spent 2 years eating a macrobiotic diet, and then another 2 years as a dedicated raw foodist, predominantly fruitarian.

Throughout this intensive training program as a modern ‘medicine man’, his deepest calling was always the Path of Love. In a psychic reading, he was told he would experience an ‘awakening’ in this lifetime through the Feminine. Called by this knowing, and the echoes of his own Celtic and Cathar lineage, he pilgrimaged to the Isis Pyramid in Egypt and visited Black Madonna and Magdalene sites across Europe to commune with the Sacred Feminine. He knew his soul calling was the Return of the Feminine, in a way that embraced and healed the Masculine too.

Seren Swannesha Bertrand

Seren Bertrand is an Awenydd – a Spirit Keeper of the old feminine wisdom stories, the enchanting memories of the land and Ancestors, that live on within us, calling for a new voice. 

She graduated with a degree in English Literature and Modern Philosophy in 1993, before embarking on the twin-paths of a career in writing, as well as journeying into the feminine wisdom traditions. As a harpist, storyteller and spiritweaver, she is inspired by the power of story to restore and re-enchant the world. Words can be magic portals and can cast magical spells of creation and possibility. 

As a child Seren was surrounded by the ancient Celtic Grail rituals of Holy Well dressings, Beltane May Queens, Maypole dancing, and the ancient Witch Hills of the Old Ones (“Th’Old Uns”, in local dialect).  The ancient landscape around Mam Tor in the north of England, with its memories of ancient Awenydd spirit keepers, mystical peaks, deep caves and ruined castles, spoke deeply to her imagination. These infusions of the Old Ways of the Priestess forever touched and inspired her feminine soul. To read about the lands of Mam Tor, the Lost Grail Goddess, and the living traditions of Well Worship  Click Here. 

A craftperson of words, Seren had published a number of books, including the award-winning “Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life.’ Her next book, also co-authored with Azra Bertrand, is “Magdalene Mysteries” published by Inner Traditions, 2020. 

With gratitude to wise women mentors who shared some of their feminine wisdom ways; Jean Maureen Astill, Ani Williams, Ruth Jacobsen PhD, Linda Banks, Araya TaNaa, Alice Whieldon PhD – co-author of ‘Sei-Ki: Life in Resonance‘, and to all those who have touched her heart on the journey.