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The Vision – The Way of Love returns

The return of Womb Consciousness is the greatest revolution happening on the planet at this time. From the deep it whispers to us, calling us home.

Buried deep within our psyche lies an ancestral memory, a dreamtime vision of a radically different way of being human, a radically different way of perceiving reality. From the deep it whispers to us, calling us home. It exists in legends and myths in every culture: a time of Original Innocence, a Garden of Eden. In primal peoples these memories are closer to the surface – the Aboriginal Dreamtime, the tribal harmony of the Congo Pygmies, the indigenous Americans who keep the vision alive. It is also whispered of in Mystery traditions for those who have the Primal vision to see, and the Primal senses to hear.

Primal means first, original – it is our unbroken primordial connection to Creator and all of Creation.

Those of us who hear these inner whispers of our true human potential begin searching. We begin the mytho-poetic Journey of Return – the Heroine/Hero’s Journey toward this Fountain of Life, the Holy Grail. But what is it? Where is it found? Is it out there somewhere – in Heaven, Nirvana, Fairyland, Valhalla faraway? Or is it inside us, right here, right now. Calling us home to our deepest inner dimensions of Love?

The Fountain of Life is a vision for a new humanity to live in a fully embodied way. It completely transforms us – and our experience of life on earth. It is our full human multi-dimensional perceptual range, the blueprint of our true humanity that lies within each of us, and holds infinite magical potential for our race.

It is not a state of mind, nor is it an ascetic life-denying practice. Rather, it is grounded in the totality of our physical biological potential, our endocrine symphony, our DNA codes, the power of our sexual creative energy and Loving hearts in relationship with each other and everything in existence.It is, in its simplest description, a wholly different biological state. Our lost biological codes come back ‘online’ and we ‘wake up’ into true ‘Aliveness’.

When touched, it is experienced as a new dimension of sensory-aroused primal aliveness and innocence, full harmonious connection with the Web of Life and ancient wisdom held in our cells and Mother Earth. Our multi-dimensional perceptional range is heightened and vastly expanded. We experience the ‘supernatural’ as completely natural. These senses show us the incredible bounty of Life, helping us trust we are taken care of and loved. We perceive sounds and colors differently. We feel as if we are gently swimming in a sea of honey. This is our natural state, the way we existed many thousand of years ago, before our human psyches were traumatized.

Some have called it the Return of the Feminine way of being – Emotional awareness, natural expression of feelings, tenderness. Heightened sensory perception, intuition and compassion. Empathic connection to other humans, animals and nature. A desire for relationship, communion, peace, harmony. Sensuality and sexuality that is as wild as it is innocent. Synchrony with web of life and nature. A vast whole-body intelligence that is relaxed, playful, free from trauma.

A way of being that doesn’t create from our Wounds, but embraces and dissolves them in Love, so we can step out of the fearful, disassociated, mind-programmed, destructive way of life of the modern world.

These ‘Feminine’ qualities do not belong to either gender. They are a Dimension of Love, a ‘Feeling Dimension’ that is the birthright of every man and woman, and is the foundation of our humanity – it is not something to evolve towards over time, but a natural inheritance to reclaim this very moment. It was a living reality for our ancient human ancestors, before what myth calls ‘the Fall’, but has been lost to us over time.

Our blueprint of Original Primal Innocence lies within each of us. It is calling. Many hear this song of our Primal Ancestors, singing to us from inside our DNA, our cellular memories, our emotional traumas, our capacity for great Love. Our Wombs also hold an umbilical cord of unbroken light that connects us always to Source and to the dreampaths and dragon lines of the beautiful jewel of Creation that is our Mother Earth.

A gateway in the Fabric of Existence has opened for humanity to step through together.

Will you join us?

It is our deepest longing to return. Now is the time to come Home to Love.