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Womb Awakening Apprenticeship – Czech Program


“Womb Awakening births the richness of your inner beauty and spiritual treasures, which already live within you. You will journey along the inner shamanic dream paths for a powerful and magical journey of profound soul transformation and feminine awakening.”

The 9 Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is for women, men and couples –  Have you heard the Sacred Call?  

Online Course starts on January 25th Dark Moon


For 9 months we journey together in a Moon College studying and experiencing the feminine mysteries together to bring healing, ecstasy and renewal to our lives.

During this deep, experiential immersion we travel through the Rosepaths of the Womb Mysteries – to awaken and embody the New Cycle of love and union, embodied in our lives, our bodies, our sexuality, our relationships, and our sacred vocation.

This program is a comprehensive education in the Feminine Wisdom traditions, providing a nurturing modern mystery school environment for spiritual initiation, personal healing, and sacred vocation. With hundreds of graduates worldwide, this gnostic feminine shamanic journey has has been described as “deeply life changing” and “enchanting”.

☽ Amongst many threads, we will:

  • Heal Conception, Gestation and Birth imprints (vital for opening to conscious conception, and also to heal our own epigenetic blueprint back to love)
  • Awaken the Mystic Rose of the Womb – journeying through the 8 Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel to sexually awaken the Divine Woman/Man.
  • Enter the Temple of the Feminine Arts – studying and experiencing different body-prayers, rituals and practices from many sacred feminine priestess lineages.

☽ You will be supported by:

  • Membership to a private, facilitated online Apprenticeship Circle
  • A personal Mentor who will support you with 2 free Skype Sessions
  • Tele-Circles hosted by Seren Bertrand & Dr. Azra Bertrand for every Wisdom-Spiral
  • Extensive written, video, and audio materials to support your learning
  • Ceremonies, audio-shamanic journeys, energy transmissions, and rituals

☽ The special price for people living and working in the Czech Republic is $702 USD, which is 18,000 Czech Koruna if paid in full, OR 2,000 Czech Koruna per month for 9 months at the time of this posting. (The actual payment on our website is made with $USD, which is $78 USD/month at the time of this posting, or $702 USD if paid in full. Please be aware that the exact amount in Korunas can change slightly as currencies fluctuate.)

Please contact the Womb Awakening mentor/teacher who told you about this offer to receive your discount code. Then click the “Register Now” button and enter your discount code to register for the 9 month payment plan. OR contact us if you wish to pay the full amount in advance.

☽ For any other questions, please email us through the “contact” link

Womb Awakening – Teacher Training Retreat


You can also join us for a beautifully transformative 9-Day Teacher Training retreat, for your own personal healing or vocation, or to complete your Womb Awakening Apprenticeship and become a Certified Womb Awakening Practitioner and Mentor.*

In-person retreats combine magical, experiential and enchanted journeys deep into the feminine dimension of consciousness for healing, renewal and awakening, with study-immersions and learning tools to help you anchor, share and teach the work.

Teacher Training retreats are held around the world by Fountain of Life Founders, Azra & Seren Bertrand, and Fountain of Life Certified Teacher Trainers.

☽ 2017 Retreats – Hawaii, September 20th – 29th facilitated by Azra & Seren Bertrand. Click here for more information

☽ There will also be Teacher Training Retreats held by Certified Teacher Trainers in Australia, New York, Los Angeles, Germany and Glastonbury, UK. Please contact us for more details and announcements.

*Note: You can choose to take the online 9 Moon Apprenticeship or in-person Teacher Training separately, you do not have to do both. However to graduate as a Certified Womb Awakening Practitioner and Mentor both Spirals are required.

The Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is open to men, women and couples

It is time to birth your gifts into the world. You were born to do this. You are vital thread in the Web of Light!

By entering this “Moon College” – a Grail Mystery School of the Feminine Arts – you will rediscover your soulful feminine lunar pathways (for men as well), and connect your Womb or Hara back to the Center of Creation – the Universal Womb. This is the most revolutionary path on the planet at this time, and part of the ‘great rebirth’ that the Mayans prophesied.

This sacred call is resonating through the cosmos, the call of our age – can you hear it?

You will also be immersed in the secret feminine mystery teachings of the ancient Womb Cosmology, whose wisdom threads are found in every spiritual tradition, including Mayan, Celtic, Tibetan, Buddhist, Tantric, Sufi, Egyptian, Aramaic, and Gnostic-Christian. You will discover how to embody these mysteries in your own life – and how these ancient ways are the key to healing our current world and birthing a New Earth.



Life-Changing Testimonials

JacquiMy womb feels like a galactic portal connecting myself, the earth and the womb of the cosmos. I feel a greater balance between my masculine and feminine energies; I sense a deeper connection with Gaia, my intuition and inner vision is becoming more activated…This feels like a deep, rich, juicy journey of healing and reweaving of magic and wholeness.” Jacqui Ward, Womb Awakening Mentor, Australia


10421378_425730707577082_3543170417708291274_nThe apprenticeship has been the key process in my own embodied awakening and the remembrance of my Sacred purpose. Using both science and intuition, this is one of the most transformative paths available in the world today to bring about radical, practical and lasting change, fully engaging in the evolutionary shift taking place in human consciousness.” M.A.Costa, M.D, Spain


Anabel Vizcarra Womb Healing Divine FeminineThe transformation that has occurred in me has been miraculous and phenomenal. I had been through many spiritual healings, courses, seminars and while they all did help in their own ways, the core of me was never even touched. I had a deep knowing that there was ‘more’. My life has transformed into a magical journey of healing. I have found my zest for life, I am juicy once again! Anabel Vizcarra, Womb Awakening Mentor, California


Jeremy CreagerI feel love radiating from head to toe, in gratitude for I love myself, I love all parts of my body, I love who I am, the man I’ve become, the spiritual path of love that I’m on, throbbing vibrations of love in my hands powerful passion and inspired to create to give back out into the world this healing love.’ Jeremy Creager, Hara Awakening Mentor, California

For more life-changing testimonials click here….

Are your ready to enter the Womb of Transformation?

9 Moon Apprenticeship – Learn More…

Starts on 25th January 2017, for 9 months. 

Time Commitment: 1 Hour per Day, in your own Home  

Exchange: $1,666 ($1,088 – $1,666 sliding scale scholarship for financial hardship) 

You will Experience: Long Distance Energy Transmissions, Shamanic Ceremonies, Enchanted Hypnotic Meditations, Core Wound Healing, Pilgrimage through the 7 Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel, Sexual Awakening, Relationship Healing, Body-Prayers, Sacred Dance & Sound Healing, Tele Circles, and Membership to a Supportive Worldwide Womb Circle of Womb Shamans. 

This is an embodied, bio-energetic, 9-month gestational journey – which will literally rebirth you – bringing you fully into your body, your soul, your deepest feelings and desires, and helping you embrace and heal your shadows.

You will ‘come alive’ and awaken your creative Shakti Power and embody the beauty of your Soul, connecting it to the Power of your Womb and the Loving Wisdom of your Heart to become a Grail Light of the World.

Men and those in Sacred Union are welcome into the Apprentice Circle; this is a journey that fully includes, embraces and unites the feminine and masculine.

Traditionally this work was taught by Beloveds living in Sacred Union together.

Every Awakened Womb and Hara has its own unique Sacred Signature – your contribution to the Divine Weaving of this work is incredibly valuable.

*Note: To be a certified teacher of this work – including offering workshops, circles and one-on-one healing and awakening sessions, you must complete a Spiral 1 online immersion, a Spiral 2 in-person retreat, and the Descent into the Underworld Course, in any order you choose.

Upperworld, the Cosmic Womb

~ Energy Transmissions and Healings from the Womb of  Creation

~ Connecting to Your Divine Feminine Spirit Guides

~ Womb Light Body Practices and Auric Rebirthing

~ The Alchemy of Sound, Dance, Breath and Body-Prayers

~ The Power of Prayer and Opening to the Flow of Love


Middleworld, Your Personal Womb

~ Powerfully Transformative Feminine Breathwork Practices 

~ Sacred Practices & Wisdom from the Temple of the Feminine Arts

~ Awakening the Wisdom of the Voice of the Womb Within

~ Relationship & Sexual Healing, & Sacred Union Wisdom

~ Cutting Edge Sacred Science, Womb Biology & Anatomy




 Underworld, the Womb of Gaia

~ Reconnecting to the Power of the Feminine and Lunar Cycles

~ Sacred Practices & Wisdom from the Ancient Womb Shamans

~ Powerful Shamanic Ceremonies & Reconnections with the Web of Life

~ Past Life & Co-Emergent Life Regressions & Journeys

~ Epigenetic DNA, Core Wound, & Ancestral Healing & Rebirthing



Entering the Moon Temple: Guardian of the Doorway

Fountain of Life is held in the energy of an ancient Mystery School, which means the doors to the temple open when people are ready and self-responsible enough for the journey. Unlike New Age circles, the journey may not be all ‘love and light’ or ‘unconditional love’ – it will ask you to dig deep, calling you into the roots of integrity, evoking your nous and discernment. As was inscribed upon the ancient Temple of Delphi, a guiding principle of embodied awakening is ‘Know Thyself’ – the deepest Love is birthed through maturity, discernment and a passion for truth. This is the foundation of grounding true healing, love and connection on this planet – and is a part of the feminine mysteries. This work will thoroughly ‘bake you’ and take you to the depths of the Universal Womb of Love.

Coming in 2018 …

Spiral3 Thumbnail

~ Spiral 3, Total Rebirth Temple Arts – Advanced Training

An intensive training in the ancient feminine healing arts….

~ Feminine Rebirth Bodywork

~ Endocrine Alchemy

~ Soul Shakti Activations

~ Regenerative Soul Medicine

More details to be announced in 2018!

If you have any other questions or enquiries please get in touch with us through our contact page (preferred), or message us through facebook if you don’t hear back from us within a few business days.


We look forward to you joining us on this adventure into the Feminine Dimension!

Wishing you Love and Blessings of the Grail,

Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand & the Fountain of Life Community

Midwives to the Return of Womb Consciousness

Enchanted Offerings