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Core Emotional Healing

How can we open into our incredible human potential to live in a fully creatively empowered state of Love and Pleasure, right here, right now on this planet? Releasing core childhood and ancestral trauma unlocks the doors to our freedom.

  • Healing the Core Wound Imprint

     Our deepest wounds are what we are most afraid of feeling – and that resistance keeps them locked in place, until we have the courage to set them free… How we are conceived, gestated, birthed and nurtured in childhood has a profound effect on us. Any shocks, traumas, hurts – even what would be perceived […]
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  • Soul Retrieval – Reclaiming Your Life

    Soul Retrieval – Reclaiming Your Life Healing for those who have experienced the shock of Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse… For people who have suffered serious trauma and shock, such as sexual abuse, emotional and physical violence or rape, part of their consciousness and Life Force is still trapped in a wave of shock and […]
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  • The Love that Heals

    Reaching for the Love that Heals We ‘think’ we desire love and awakening, but often on a subconscious level, we are playing out old trauma patterns and pushing away the love and truth that would heal us. With this wisdom under our sleeve, we can begin to choose love again and open to magical possibilities… […]
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