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Sacred Masculine

The time has come for a new era of Masculine Awakening – the man who has awakened to his own primal powers, his own vast emotional and spiritual intelligence, and his role as the sacred guardian of the Womb of Creation.

  • Into the Wild Masculine

    In 1993, Fountain of Life’s Azra Bertrand answered the call of the wild – journeying deep into the heart of Alaska, and into the untamed wilds of his own heart to commune with the Divine Mother and Gaia…. The summer of my nineteenth year, I set out for the wilds of Alaska with only my […]
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  • Men: A Call to the Heart

    Now is the time for the Sacred Masculine to awaken in a supernova of his primal power, in service to love… Today is the Dawn of a New Epoch of Humanity. We have crossed an incredibly important energetic threshold, into a new era that supports the Return of the Feminine and the Union of Man and […]
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  • True Masculine Essence

    A Guardian of the Womb fights only for Love, and ultimately surrenders to its embrace… All men hold the essence of the true masculine, an essence so deep and powerful, so pure and protective, that it envelops the whole of the earth in the safety of its arms. It is the quality that has been written […]
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  • Vow of the Grail Knight

      I give myself to the Great Remembering I serve only Love and our evolution in Love I vow to anchor the true Divine Masculine on Earth I vow to anchor the true Divine Masculine in my Heart I vow to leave no shadow unloved, no wound without balm I walk the Path of Love, […]
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