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Sacred Shamanic Sexuality

Our deepest human longing is for Sacred Soulmate Union, for a shamanic sexual experience of Oneness with our Beloved and a Reunion with the Source of All. It is the highest sacrament of the Path of Love, the most beautiful and natural outcome of our personal evolutionary journey.

  • Soulmate Union – The Path of Love

    We are being called to allow Love to lead the way… Love brings you back home. Meeting your Soulmate is like returning home after a long search. It also means returning home to your true self – and that can be humbling. All the places you’ve hidden away become exposed. You feel raw, vulnerable, naked. […]
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  • Sacred Marriage Vows – Opening to Union

    Make a commitment to take these vows for 33 days with your Beloved, or with your own inner Beloved, to attract and deepen Soulmate Union… Speak these vows together, or feel you are speaking in the ‘we’ We are all connected together, in all eternity. Let us honor the bounty of Life herself, who holds […]
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Enchanted Offerings