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Sacred Sounds of the Womb

Elemental Awakening CD … coming soon!

Shamanic Sound Mandala through the 4 Womb Elements

By The Fountain of Life & With Linda Go and Cris Coleman

This beautiful shamanic sound mandala connects you to the wisdom of Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and roots you into the life-coded power of the Earth Womb and Cosmic Womb.  When we awaken the Dragons of Creation within, deep magic births into our lives. Womb Medicine music is healing, activating and empowering, and is suitable for journeying, massage, movement, meditation, inspiration and sound immersion. Invoke the Elemental powers into your life. 

Track Listing

  1. Opening Invocation, Calling Forth the Elements
  1. Elemental Mandala, Womb Medicine Wheel Journey
  1. Closing Prayer, Rooting in the Earth


Gateway of the Mother CD … coming soon!

Awaken Your Creative Power – Conscious Conception & Creative Manifestation

This Sound Journey through the Feminine Creation Mysteries helps to awaken your power to consciously conceive, manifest and birth your deepest desires into being.

Disc One: Is a healing feminine sound journey that can be used to:


  • Connect to the Magical Power of Your Inner Creativity
  • Relax and Meditate to the Soothing Sounds of the Divine Feminine
  • Take a Shamanic Sound Journey into the Cosmic Womb of Creation

Disc Two: Features Guided Meditations & Blessings to:

  • Conceive a Physical Baby or Conceive a Creative Project or New Phase in Your Life
  • Father’s Prayer – a Blessing for all the Mothers 
  • Song of the Mother – Spoken Word Creation Story 

The Powerful Healing Tools Featured Include:

 A Spoken Wisdom Transmission of the Kogi Creation Myth

Enchantingly Ambient Feminine Mantras and Toning

A Cosmic Om Tuned to the Background Hum of the Universe

A Guided Meditation for Conception & Creativity


Sacred Sounds of the Womb

by The Fountain of Life

This healing and activating CD weaves Sacred Feminine Frequency Mantras and Sacred Toning through the 8 Song Gateways of the Feminine Womb. This helps activate and awaken your precious ‘lunar essence’ – the radiant divine feminine energy within.

During the magical sound journey you will be guided through the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel, journeying through the feminine cycles of Maiden, Mother/Lover and Crone, and the creative Elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water, before entering the Magic Doorway – the portal to the Infinity Point, The Cosmic Womb.

To read more about the inspiration for the CD click here


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Preview of Selected Tracks

Gate 1 – Maiden
Gate 3 – Crone
Gate 6 – Womb Air

Praise for Sacred Sounds of the Womb….

“I had some stunning experiences with the Sounds of the Womb. The sounds are so deep. Healing happens, I went through deep processes of healing and experienced the opening of deep inner affectedness during slow sex…. it was magic.”  Sylvia, Germany

“These sacred sounds have made such a difference to my personal transformation and groupwork. Thank you for these offerings.” Angie, UK

“Most of the labour I listened to the CD, singing and riding the waves, and danced imagining all the energy of the birth dancers surrounding me. It was quite the most beautiful experience and the pain became transformed into energy and so I didn’t experience it as pain.” Sara, Australia

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